Top Productivity Tips For Your Travel Blog Business

Published by: dzhingarova on 23rd Jul 2018 | View all blogs by dzhingarova

As a travel blogger, you’re constantly on the go. And usually, you love that your job allows you to do that. After all, how many people do you know who can get up and go, end up working at a bar by the beach and typing away on their laptop or camping in the Rocky Mountains with a hot-spot to meet deadlines in the wilderness? It’s an amazing opportunity to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, but sometimes, it can be a bit distracting.


When you’re constantly traveling, and setting up camp in new places (we mean both literally and figuratively), it can be hard to focus on your work. And when the free walking tours and hostel-led bar crawls are calling to you, staying disciplined is a challenge. Luckily, there are lots of strategies you can use to make sure your writing gets done. It’s all about planning, getting in the right psychological space, and improving your habits. Here’s how.


Make a writing schedule


You probably already have a general writing schedule that you follow when you’re in your base city. Some bloggers publish three articles a week, some five. And usually, you’re able to stick to your schedule. But when you’re traveling, exploring a new place and making new friends, it’s easy to put your writing aside and forget about what you’ve planned to do. If you’re likely to do this, you need to create a special writing schedule for travel.


For example, give yourself a day off the morning you arrive—that way, you can get to know the city and spend some time socializing. The next day, you can have an intense day of writing, where you write three blog posts instead of one. It can be tempting to take the whole week off, but this won’t work, especially if you have readers who expect regular posts. But this way, at least, you’ll get some time to do what you love. With the number of bloggers in the US set to reach 31.7 million users in 2020, staying on track is a huge priority.


Get your head in the game


Another thing that travel does to us—which is usually a good thing because it opens us up—is that it gets us in a completely different headspace. But if you’re used to going to the same café every morning, having the same conversation with the barista, and ordering the same cappuccino, breaking out of this headspace can be disastrous for your concentration. The same applies if you have a whole gym routine or a specific park you run in.


That’s why, when you’re blogging in a new place, you need to create a routine that puts you in the right headspace no matter what. It’ll take a while to adjust, but one example that works almost anywhere is: coffee at the hostel, walk for an hour around the city or countryside, sit down at a nearby café or co-working space and write for two hours. Try out versions of this until you find what works for you.


Additionally, if you have a playlist you listen to while you work, this can automatically get you thinking about work no matter where you are. Considering that Spotify made $1.24 billion in its third quarter alone, it’s no surprise that so many people are using music streaming services to get their work done.


Get off social media and distracting websites


Another huge enemy of productivity is social media. Platforms like Facebook are designed to be addictive, and there seems to be no harm in scrolling through Instagram first thing in the morning—that is, until half an hour has gone by and you’re behind on your whole day. Whether your platform of choice is Twitter or Snapchat, you’re losing lots of time on social media, and it’s potentially unhealthy if you get addicted. You’ve seen it at hostels, people spending more time on their laptops and phones than they do speaking to each other.


The same goes if you have a site your addicted to reading. You’re a blogger, you love to read as much as you love to write, but it’s taking time away from your work. Save articles to your phone instead, to read when you’re on planes or riding public transit. And if you need some extra self-control, download one of these apps to block sites for the amount of time it takes you to write a new blog post.


These are some of the best ways to stay productive as a travel blogger, even when you’re in the throes of travel. Whatever name you’ve chosen for your blog, whatever specific niche you’re writing about, this will keep you on track.


How else do you ensure your work gets done, even when you’re busy traveling?



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