How To Find A Good Sound System For Your Car?

Published by: ctsounds on 9th Oct 2017 | View all blogs by ctsounds

On the way to work, a getaway with friends or a weekend as a couple. No matter the moment or the company. There is always something in common in these journeys: music. There is little time spent in our car. That's why the number of users who require premium sound is growing.

  • The big question is precisely this.

  • Is it possible to get premium sound from the series? Definitely.

  • Buying a car and not thinking about the sound equipment features is a mistake? Of course.

First and foremost, the level of automobile sound equipment is increasingly high because the most prestigious brands actively collaborate with the major brands dedicated to the world of high fidelity sound. Example, the alliance between JBL and Toyota.


In summary: tranquility because the synergy between both sectors has allowed to develop sound systems for really sophisticated vehicles. And yes, standard.

The audio components of a car
In any case and so that you can evaluate the components and therefore the quality of the car stereo you are going to buy, a summary of the audio components that a car should have:

The source
The brain of the sound equipment, what we all know as the player. It is responsible for reading music on any media (CD, USB, SD cards, Bluetooth from the mobile, radio, etc.) and converts it into an electrical signal. Depending on the quality with which the source makes this conversion, the initial sound will have higher or lower quality.

The amplifier
Increases the power of the audio signal generated by the player, bass control knob and connected directly to the speakers. The most important parameter when it comes to knowing if an amplifier is quality is the power, and that this is equal to or higher than the speakers support, to take advantage of their dynamic capabilities.

The loudspeaker
It is the element in charge of converting the electrical signal, coming from the amplifier, in the music that our ears perceive. It is important to be able to adapt them to the characteristics of the car: dimensions, interior distribution, engine sound. A hybrid engine helps not only the environment but also to reduce noise pollution .

Types of car speakers
On the other hand, the more speakers, and the better quality. A single speaker would not be able to reproduce all the frequencies contained in the music. Not at least with a minimum of quality and realism. In this way, having several types of speakers for each one to play their role, is essential. Let's see which:

'Horn tweeters'
Also known as trumpet treble loudspeakers, perfect for playing high notes with the best sharpness. They mark the qualitative difference.

Larger diameter speaker, intended to reproduce medium and bass sounds. Would you like to hear a good live in your car with a amp bass knob? Two 80mm wide dispersion loudspeakers and two 15 cm full range loudspeakers will allow you to drive on stage.

Large diameter speaker, designed to reproduce subwoofer sounds. A car with quality subwoofer located in the front area of ​​the interior will allow you to feel the sound of the sound.



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