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I’d like to put my name in the hat as a regular contributor. My name is Blair Nicole and I started my business 6 years ago when I was broke, bankrupt, pregnant and sleeping in a twin sized racecar bed at my dad’s house...Within two years I had a full list of clients, was making enough money to live on my own and travel the world with my son.

My life and business motto is “kick ass, don’t kiss it” and my writing style certainly reflects that. I’m not your run of the mill “entrepreneur” or “work from home” mom, and if you read on you’ll understand why. I know you’re busy, so here are some quick bullet points for you to scan, before I go into too much detail;

I’m a 29 year old multi-business owner, avid risk taker, single mom & digital nomad (100% location independent & traveling around full time with my 5 year old). Work life balance is the life blood of my success.
I have existing business & marketing columns at, and Social Media Today, and a travel/lifestyle column at Elite Daily.
I’m a paid travel reporter for The Atlanta Journal Constitution (part of Cox Media), so I understand journalistic integrity and the principles of writing for a major media outlet.
I’m the CEO & Founder of Media Moguls PR, “not your grandpa’s PR company”; established in 2010, and host of the #KickassPR podcast.
I’ve been quoted, featured in and had appearances on over 15 major media outlets, including The Huffington Post, CIO Magazine ABC news and NFIB Business Magazine.
I sit on the Board of Directors for 2 national non-profits and am the Marketing Committee Chair for SCORE Salt Lake (a 50 year old non profit federally sponsored by the Small Business Administration). I’m the youngest board member, and committee chair for each of those non profits. I've doubled my business revenue every year for the past 3 years and have helped launch over 2 dozen startups

My experiences will resonate with quite a few segments of your audience, namely; young entrepreneurs, cause brands, startups, digital marketers, and single professionals.

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5 Leadership Tips From a Former Stockbroker Turned Entrepreneur
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