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Nowadays, it is very fashionable and interesting to read new business literature. If you don’t know the secrets of the newest areas of business, as a result, you don’t know the latest trends. In this article you will find the main ideas of each book.  Frankly speaking, these books can change your mind. Also, you can read some interesting thematic essays at


Adam Grant «Give and take»

In this book you will read interesting things about shares and shareholders. For example, you will understand that buyers of shares are people who are willing to succeed. They interact with other players on the market. And the most successful shareholders are those who build long-term relationships.


Al Ries & Jack Trout «Positioning»

You will get acquainted with the concept of communication with the consumers.


Dale Carnegie «How to Win Friends and Influence People»

You will have a successful business if only you will have strong relationships with people. Dale Carnegie wrote a lot of useful instructions, advices and teachings that were very popular for many years. This book has helped thousands of people to become successful and well known in the business world.


Cal Newport «So good they can`t ignore you»

You have to improve your business skills. Also, you must work very hard if you want to succeed. And the pleasure of the work will come after, not before, you just have to wait.

Dan Goleman «Emotional intelligence»

If you want to be successful, good results in IQ tests is not enough. Also, you must be hard working, motivated, self-disciplined and persistent.


Alfred Sloan «My ears with General motors»

Alfred Sloan has 23 years of great experience how to run one of the largest companies in the world. He decided that decentralization will lead to the development of new big solutions.


Viktor Frankl «Man`s search for meaning»

It’s one of the ten most influential books in the USA. In this book, author gives an answer to one question: how to stay motivated?


Den Ariely «Predictable Irrational»

Author came to conclusion that people are not as rational as it’s described in the book in economics. You will read a lot of examples of individual’s irrationality.


David Allen «Getting Thing Done»

GTD is a methodology of stress-free productivity. This book is not about time-management. It’s about something bigger.

About the Author: Andrew Boyd is a student. He studies finance. He writes about business issues for the university newspaper. Also, he dreams to become a successful businessman.


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  • Essie Scott
    by Essie Scott 4 months ago
    Thanks for the books I will definitely read these books on priority. As this is not fashion, in fact, this is the need to read the business literature to have the sense of business. And how successfully we can run dissertation writing assistance business we must read these books to get some knowledge.
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