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Today the university consists of 20 faculties, three of which - the Faculty of Journalism, Business and Law - considered the best in the country. Faculty of Journalism is awarded annually to one of the most prestigious awards in journalism - a Pulitzer Prize. The university is trained 27,606 people, 23% of all students - foreigners.

Entry requirements


·         Secondary School Certificate with discharge estimates;

·         Extract estimates for the last 4 years;

·         SAT Examination results (2150 - 2320) or ACT (32 - 35);

·         2 SAT Subject Tests;

·         2 academic recommendations;

·         English level Confirmation -TOEFL 100 or IELTS 7.0;

·         Motivation letter;

·         Essay;

·         Interview (by the decision of the University);

·         Portfolio for creative specialties.

·         The official deadline for all documents - January 1st.


·         Bachelor's degree with an extract of estimates and an average score of 4.8;

·         Motivation letter;

·         Essay;

·         Summary;

·         2 academic recommendations;

·         The results of the exam GRE (depending on specialty);

·         GMAT Exam Results (depending on specialty);

·         Confirmation of the level of English - TOEFL ibt 100 or IELTS of 7.0;

·         Financial information about the availability of funds.

·         The official deadline for all documents depends on the specialty, for most programs - on 15 December.

Depending on the specialty university may request additional documents.

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Life on campus

Students are guaranteed accommodation for the first 4 years of study. Freshmen living in dormitories, located around the South Lawn. senior students have the choice between dormitories and one-room or two-room apartments. The University offers accommodation during the school year, from September to mid-May.

The university overlooks one of the oldest student newspapers - Columbia Daily Spectator, a monthly literary magazine The Blue and White, published since 1890, three political magazine The Current, Columbia Political Review and the Columbia Political Union.

On campus student radio station broadcast two - WKCR-FM, and CTV, the first of which is the oldest radio station in the United States.

Music, Theatre and Art

Orchestra, Columbia University was founded in 1896 by the American pianist and composer Edward MacDowell, Edward, and is the oldest continuously running orchestra in the United States. The university has several circles of theater, including Shakespeare Company, Columbia Music Theatre, Black Theatre, Performing Arts League and others.

At the disposal of students a fully integrated academic library with more than 10 million books, more than 100,000 journals and publications, an extensive collection of electronic manuscripts, periodicals, rare books and microfilms. The library is considered one of the best in the country.

University building is located in New York City, Manhattan and occupies a large area in the size of six blocks.


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