Art Therapy – The Expanding Reach

Published by: mkmorris on 18th May 2017 | View all blogs by mkmorris

When a hobby or talent is used well, it can become as good as medicine for various illnesses, especially those related to the brain, like stress. Ask yourself why there are art classes in mental hospitals, rehabilitation and stress management centers. No wonder! The art industry is ever promoting this hobby to be used as a stress management tool. One aspect that has made it a success is because it is a way to express thoughts and feeling. According to iLustra Art Company, people can display their art prowess in many ways. including starting a business with the hobby. The article below will explain more about this concept.

Art as a therapy for children

According to research, art helps the brain of a child to grow in a healthy way. As much as many parents think paints, crayons and paint books as just a normal child life, this stage offers a great boost to help the brain grow. Society should not treat art education as just any other normal subject but as a crucial therapy with benefits to a child’s mental growth.

Art as a therapy for teenagers

All over the world, most institutions have well-equipped art labs to promote artistic talent in high school and college students. In fact, some colleges offer this as a full course where students can learn the in-depth benefits of it. Notably, all teenagers who take art as a course are usually jovial and seem to fit in society well. Amazingly, research shows that those who get involved in art rarely indulge in drugs and alcohol and they remain focused in life, making clear decisions.

According to Machioldi, who is an art therapist, teenagers should know the right artistic benchmarks to set in order to achieve their dreams fast and accurately. This concept is also applicable to other groups like kids and psychologically affected people.

Art as a therapy for psychologically affected people

Psychological effect can result from stress, depression or trauma and can lead to bigger problems if not well managed. At other times, it may result from various mental illnesses. However, art therapy seems to help ease many of these problems. Psychological therapists argue that one does not need to be talented in art to use it as a tool to ease stress. It is all about getting the right environment, tools, and materials to just express the mind.

One misconception people have is that art therapy can diagnose. No, It cannot! As much as people will express their problems through art, therapists can pick the challenges and use the right method to diagnose the problem. It is used to help in communication and expression as well as to pass time and ease the tension in the brain.



As final remarks, art therapy is seen as an excellent channel in helping people with various mental challenges. Most universities all over the world can now offer postgraduate degrees in art therapy which shows promising efforts to use this tool more in future. 



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