Does Your Case Always Lead To Trial Process?

Published by: Saam on 12th Feb 2018 | View all blogs by Saam

Many of us have misconception while hiring the personal injury solicitor with them. Actually, people believe that if they hire the solicitor then a case will end up at trial in the court. Whether the case is associated with the car accident or dog bites, end up before a judge. Actually, we have to look deeply towards stats of nation to find out the truth.

We have seen that only 5-6 percent of cases end up in the court. It shows that 95 percent of cases actually does not end up in the court. Well, clients have always question in mind about the trial process when dealing with their case. They always ask solicitor whether their case turn towards trial or not? This article is really helpful for clients to know about the trial process and clears their mind.

1.       If you engage personal injury solicitor with your case then outcomes are different. We have the best team of lawyers – always prepared to support the clients. our lawyers have years of experience dealing with these cases and know the exact amount of claim. We can detect exact amount of damage and suffer from the help of experience. It includes both medical, vehicle damage and loss of wages. We talk to an insurance firm in a manner that they will pay you the right amount. We have an excellent position when dealing with an adjuster and generally get a claim before a lawsuit is filed.

2.       In reality, the insurance firm never wants to go with the trial process. The trial process is actually expensive as they have to hire attorneys and experts etc. the primary goal of every insurance firm is to lower the cost of the company at every cost. But if you have experience solicitor with your case who knows the value of the case. It will help you to reach in a good position and get your compensation.


3.       The cases that lead to trial is caused when an insurance company is not agreeing with an attorney. In these cases, insurance companies are not agreeing with price and unwilling to settle the case. If this happens then personal injury solicitor Bolton is always available for you. If your case ever leads towards this situation then we are ready to take your case. We are well prepared and collect the evidence from an initial step and knows the exact process to get your compensation. We recommend you to engage personal injury solicitor always whenever you face accident in your life.



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