Must-Have Car Gifts

Published by: ElinaSivak on 6th Feb 2017 | View all blogs by ElinaSivak

If you have a friend with a car, then you can be always sure that you will have a gift for him or her. Car owners always have some secret dreams about upgrading their vehicles so you can try to help them do so. Below we prepared a list of things / gadgets that any car owner will be happy to get.

1. Scissor Lift

While scissor lift is not the first thing that may come to your mind, this is an extremely useful tool to have in the trunk. Once your friend decides to buy car you can instantly put it on your list of upcoming gifts. Scissor lift can help your friend save on car service because he or she will be able to raise the car over the ground and check any issues that are there.

Price: $1000

2. Portable Back-Up Camera

If your friend have recently buy a car then he or she is likely to have a rare camera. But most older vehicles did not have this option even as additional one. So you can always opt for this type of accessories for cars. Back-up camera can help not only park easier and faster, but also ensure that you do not hit any other vehicle while turning around or drive backwards.

Price: $239

3. Gear Box Wrenches

While being a much cheaper version of a gift, this type of accessories for cars is still very useful. With the help of screwdrivers and wrenches that come as a set in most gear boxes, your friend will be able to literally fix everything in the car under the hood. Of course, this type of gift would be much more appropriate for a guy, however it depends on a person!

Price: $50

4. Portable Battery Jump-Starter

Dead car battery is one of the least pleasant accidents that happen to all drivers. And frequently it takes pretty a lot of time to charge the battery back. This leads us to the fact that once someone decides to buy a car, portable battery jump-starter is an indispensable thing for him or her. With the help of this type of accessories for cars your friend will be able to get to the nearest service or even just proceed with the daily routine without any extra help.

Price: $70

5. Car MD

There are situations when some lights in a car just would not stop lighting. And in this cases most car owners get frustrated and angry because cannot find the origin of the problem. Today all those troubles can be easily fixed with car MD type of accessories. This gadget will find and capture a trouble code in a vehicle, so that the owner can visit the website with all explanations of the problem in plain English. Moreover, it will also give some hints on how to fix the problem.

Price: $70

As you can see even from this short list of accessories for cars, there are many things that can simplify your friend’s life as a car owner. Should you be interested in more, just ask any car owner about his or her dreams and you will get several more ideas.




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