Top 5 Window Trends 2017

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At first glance, the design of vinyl windows is very simple - glass, frame, handles. However, the windows of different manufacturers differ from each other both in quality and in price. Choosing windows of a famous brand, the buyer pays not for a high-profile name, but for reliability and durability. Let's take a closer look at all the elements that make up the windows, and find out which vinyl windows are better. What is the best season for replacement windows? Experts claim that it is summer or spring.

Good vinyl windows do not just close the window opening - they perform many functions. The main one is heat-saving. The best vinyl windows provide an ideal thermal insulation. In summer, windows can protect the apartment from heat and too bright sunrays. An important function of vinyl windows is soundproofing. Windows also protect the house from illegal penetration. Famous manufacturers are constantly improving the crack resistance of windows, and many models are quite difficult to open from the outside. And, of course, do not forget about such trifles as protection from insects with mosquito nets and from the light with blinds.

If you need windows replacement, you can choose vinyl windows of different constructions and different manufacturers. There are a lot of companies producing vinyl windows. Each company offers a number of rulers of windows - from democratic prices to luxury options. Understand the number of proposals is not easy, it is even more difficult to say which companies of vinyl windows are better. In this article we consider top 5. Please, see below the manufacturers and their main characteristics.

1) КВЕ

Durability, high indicators of heat and noise insulation, eco-friendly vinyl. The KBE windows are airtight, resistant to temperatures from +50 o C to -50 o C. A well-designed ventilation system that prevents windows from fogging.

2) Rehau

Durability, good sound and heat insulation, a wide range of models, environmental safety, frost resistance. The small height of the leaflets and somewhat larger, in comparison with other brands.

3) Veka

Durability, high noise and heat insulation, tightness, a wide range of models. Rubber gasket, which is not afraid of low temperatures.

4) LG Chem

High quality, good heat and noise insulation characteristics, laconic design, high-quality.

5) Trocal

Very rigid construction, resistant to deformation, good design, reliability, good tightness, a wide range of models.

The vinyl window is a rather heavy construction, besides it is constantly exposed to loads - the windows are opened and closed daily. Therefore, the accessories for such windows should be particularly reliable.

You can choose vinyl windows of reputable manufacturers who not only strictly control the quality of hardware, but also constantly develop new, more convenient and durable systems. Then you are to find an expert window installation company, such as Canadian Choise, because you can be sure that Can Choice vinyl windows will be installed in a proper way and will serve you for long. Remember, that the adjustable fittings are better than unregulated fittings - it allows opening the window exactly as often as required, and special stoppers will not allow a draft to slam the window. Roto, Aubi, Winkhaus, Siegenia can be considered worthy manufacturers of window fittings. Before windows installation or replacement consult specialists and they will give you professional advice based on your needs and budget.


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