How to Clean Your Windows Properly

Published by: ElinaSivak on 18th Oct 2017 | View all blogs by ElinaSivak

Cleaning of the windows is a very demanding process as they require a special treatment. No matter what kind of Oakville windows you have installed at your place, it is important to remember a number of simple rules and follow them while cleaning:

1. Do not use abrasive and aggressive chemical (containing chlorine, alcohol and other additive chemical substances) detergents and other substance that are used to get rid of the dirt. From the very beginning it will seem that nothing is happening with the surface, however, in a few months you will notice that the window is not as white and shiny as it used to be. For this matter you can use degreasing detergents or simple warm soap-solution. In addition, we recommend using soft sponge for cleaning, but not the harsh one.

2. The double-glazed window in a metal-plastic window does not differ from ordinary glass and it is necessary to look after it in the same way. Just remember: avoid getting detergents on plastic parts, and also, it is very important - do not let alcohol-containing substances get on the rubber seal.

3. It is recommended lubricating all moving parts of the fittings once a year. Please note that many manufacturers of fittings have signs "oiler" or "droplet”. Use oil that does not contain tar and acids, in fact, the usual machine oil or the oil for sewing machines will do.

4. At least once every six months (in spring and autumn), we recommend cleaning the sealant. This element of the window is primarily responsible for keeping the heat in your home, saving you form drafts, the inflating of street dust and noise. With a simple soap solution and a soft sponge or cloth, rinse the sealant, wipe it dry and lubricate with silicone grease. Silicone grease for automotive seals is also suitable for this purpose.

5. If you open the sash, then at the bottom of the frame the holes - drainage channels should be located. As it becomes clear from their name - these are drain holes, they serve for the removal of moisture and water beyond the frame. Take care that they do not clog. These holes can be found by opening the sash or going out onto the loggia / balcony. Sometimes these holes are covered from the ingress of external moisture with special small plastic visors. Residents of the first four or five floors should monitor the permeability of the holes and in case of need to clean them.

If you do not have the time and opportunity to clean plastic Woodbridge windows by yourself, you can invite specialists who will quickly and professionally conduct all the work for a modest fee.

In addition, consider purchasing sets of special tools for the cleaning of the metal-plastic windows either in specialized windows sales shops or in construction supermarkets. As a rule, they consist of a liquid for cleaning surfaces from PVC, a lubricant for fittings and a special lubricant for window seals. You can buy this kit in the plastic window manufacturers or in the household chemistry stores.



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