The most popular questions about air conditioners

Published by: ElinaSivak on 25th Jul 2017 | View all blogs by ElinaSivak

Sometimes you can feel confused about particular questions which bother the topic of air conditioners. It is normal because you are not a specialist. While you are still hesitating which type of AC you should choose, read this short FAQ.

If I rent a house or apartment, what kind of unit can I install?

Of course, you have many options. Your first step is determining the sum of money which you are ready to spend and which rooms need to be air conditioned. It can be a whole apartment or just a living room. No doubt, it is not your house but it doesn’t mean that you have to frustrate because of the weather outside. The best variant for you is a mobile unit. Recently, one of the users on Toronto’s forum about air conditioners asked if there is another option for tenants who live in suburbs. The most appropriate variant for him is choosing zoned air conditioning Mississauga.

Is window air conditioner a good variant?

The answer is yes. They are cheap and easy in maintenance and installation. But it is important to buy an optimal unit size for your room. Sometimes it happens that people buy air conditioners which are too big. The result is huge bills and unexpected expenses.

What can you say and portable air conditioners?

They have wheels so it is easier to relocate it wherever you want. Portable AC is small and there are no difficulties with installation. The only one requirement is installing it near a window in order to place the exhaust duct in the opening of the window. Portable air conditioners are affordable and compact. What is more important is that you can put it and into a closet once the hot season is over. But, be careful - they can be a little bit noisy and some may be bothered by the look and seeing the exhaust duct at the window.

What is the right cooling temperature?

Maybe, you have been told that setting very low temperature can cause some kind of illness. Experts always recommend keeping a house at a constant temperature of 22 ° C. The harsh changing of a temperature can cause harmful health situations.

Is it necessary to turn on an AC permanently?

It is only a question of your comfort. But don’t forget to close your windows and doors when the air conditioning system is running. It will help you to increase your energy savings. Also, when it the evening, you can let fresh air enter the house. So, when you keep your AC always on, it is not always the best solution.

Do you still some questions? Don’t hesitate and visit a website of one of Toronto’s AC companies which provides Mitsubishi air conditioners Aurora. 



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