5 Best Free Microsoft Word Alternatives

Published by: simonhopes on 1st Oct 2017 | View all blogs by simonhopes

Microsoft Word is the most popular document creation software in the world. You will be hard-pressed to find somebody that hasn’t used it even once. The problem? Well, it is expensive, and most people are probably not going to be using half the features that Microsoft Office word have packed into it, as brilliant as those features are. Thankfully, there are some free alternatives out there. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Office Online

This one may be ‘cheating’ a little bit. Microsoft does offer a free online version of Word (Word Online). It does not have as many features as the desktop version, but if you are looking to edit a few documents here and there, you should be sorted. Perhaps the major benefit of Office Online is that your documents will be stored right up there in the ‘cloud’. You will be able to access them on any computer (and subsequently edit them) if you have an internet connection.


This is a basic document editor here; nothing amazingly crazy. It can deal with several different formats (export) including DOCX, ODF, PDF, TXT and a couple more. There are 20 other applications available under to the ZOHO banner, which is probably one of the main highlights.

Google Docs

This program is much the same as Office Online, just the Google version. From what we can tell, Google Docs seems to be packed with a few more features. In addition to this, unlike with Office Online and Zoho, you can continue to edit your documents in ‘offline’ mode. They can then be instantly uploaded to your Google account once you connect again. You will need a Google account (if you have Gmail, then you will already have this).

If you work as part of a ‘team’ then the document collaboration features in Google Docs are ‘second to none’.


We are going to jump on over to the offline versions of software for the last couple. If you ever ask somebody what the best ‘free alternative to Microsoft Word’ is, then it is likely that they will tell you that it is OpenOffice. This Java-based program actually has a wealth of features packed into it, and you can extend the functionality by downloading various plugins from the OpenOffice.org website (most of these plugins are free). Sure, it is not as powerful as Microsoft Word is, even with the plugins, but if you are writing an essay or a web article, it is perfectly fine.


The way in which AbiWord works is very similar to Microsoft Word. Most people love it because it is fully compatible with all Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.org documents, as well as some file formats from Apple. It can be used on all major operating systems (Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux).

There are several features packed into AbiWord that you will be hard-pressed to find in other free alternatives. This includes mail merge, and the ability to fill out the information in a document from information you have stored in a database.  This program also has social media marketing features which allow marketers to share works with friends and family members.


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