Into the east finals Lowry had played a super standard

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Tiebreak, win or outs, Lowry played a super huge level, had 16 points in the first half, the third quarter state hot Alfred Morris Kids Jersey shot 4 of 4 single section with 12 points and 4 assists, leading the Raptors expanding gap to lay up momentum, lead the Raptors history into eastern conference finals for the first time. After the game started, the Raptors under the guidance of derozan and Lowry preempt the leading position. Della, ji and Wade show star, on a 30 points alone since we cast the Della ji will score, Wade in the face of carol's tight defense, dribbling pretend to break through a nasty sto for hit and led the Miami Heat. 5 minutes 42 seconds before the end of the first quarter, Wade milestone moments, he assists deng layup with points, this is Wade 826 assists in the playoffs, beyond the celtics legend Jaelen Strong Authentic Jersey havlicek (825 times) assists in the playoffs, in NBA playoff history assists the 21st. Complete beyond Wade foul problems, after two fouls. Deng even take four points to help Heat the lakers for 1 minute, demar derozan first pulling up jumper, then made two free throws a foul one, Winslow into three points to give back. Heat using small lineup, defense is very active, and Winslow Taylor Johnson defensive especially hard, Taylor, stealing the ball from terrence Ross Johnson assists ji Della fast-break layups, Miami Heat. Demar derozan projectile hit for the Raptors steady, demar derozan had 11 points in the first quarter, the Raptors 25-24 Heat 1 point lead over the first quarter. War in the second quarter, Wade to turning out, first the midrange jumper, then played a dragon layup with dribbles, Lowry impact points and dwyane Wade of the area, the two teams will score down. Joe Johnson show one-on-one ability, ball singles scored three times in a row, the Heat again take the stop the Raptors. The Raptors at the end of the suspended even take four points to lead, Lowry into three points, Paterson frontcourt rebound secondary attack 2 + 1, the Raptors 7 points gap. The Heat for 4 minutes scored two points in time, the Raptors 10-2 a wave of offensive. Wade hit stable morale of three, two goals DE la ji, Lowry and demar derozan points successively, the Raptors withstand the Heat of the counter-offensive, 53-47 lead the Heat 6 minutes to complete the first half. Wade and ji Della scored 10 points each in the first half, Lowry had 16 points and demar derozan 15 points. The Raptors penalty 21 times in the first half, while the Heat only nine free throws. Begun in the second half, Lowry defense into three points against the Wade, demar derozan also face the defensive force jumper, Lowry layup added two points, the Raptors will lead to nine points to play the Heat. Three points, Joe Johnson hit, but the Heat is not "bleeding", Lowry breakthrough attract double assists than ever and dunk, carol hit three, demar derozan three-point play, Lowry tu points assists than ever and again bo hit layups, the Raptors will lead to 14 points once again forced suspension. The Heat even hit, the Raptors counter flowing, gap between the two teams meet 17 points, the Raptors shot to a wave of twenty seven attack wave. Winslow became the Heat counter-offensive pioneer, first three points, then foul storm B.J. Raji Womens Jersey made four free throws in a row, to help the Heat back the Raptors a wave of 0-9. Lori stood up into three points, the Raptors double-digit gap again.


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