Interpretating what is called a well-deserved MVP

Published by: Rose on 12th May 2016 | View all blogs by Rose

In before the start of the game, Curry from NBA commissioner Adam accepted the MVP trophy Sheldon silver, this is an historic moment for Curry, he again win the MVP, and, more importantly, no one can challenge status in his Arsenal, he became the first in the history of MVP was elected by a unanimous identity, as: Sheldon silver "Stephen curry is the best player I've ever seen." In the game, Arsenal played extremely convergence, but this does not prevent him to create another historical achievements, 4 1/2 minutes remaining in the first quarter, the Curry on the perimeter 3-pointer by hand with this fallaway jumper, Curry has 44 consecutive playoff three-pointers, tied for 1995-00 reggie miller, tied for the NBA history for three consecutive breakout is one, and this is precisely what Arsenal career playoff games, 44 that is said, appeared for the first time since the Curry in the playoffs, he's all game with three points. In game 4 at the end of Curry has said that his injuries were not 100% heal, there is still a sore knee, so, in the game, in most of the time is still a steady, not used to, at the same time, he is looking for feeling didn't waste his presence at the same time, most of the time, Curry using its contain power to find open teammates, it was his selflessness, accomplished the outbreak of the Thompson. To score point, of course, will never be in the Treasury, the end of the third quarter, in hand at the far end of the unreasonable of 3-pointers, and help the warriors with a lead into the details, details Charles Johnson Jersey the last moment, the blazers after points, and Curry, brought from the outside step, with block Ed - Davis, 3-pointers in the couple a steady again to help the team. The most passionate moment occurred in the final with 24.9 seconds remaining, the warrior only 2 points, comes after the couple in the Treasury, in almost no Angle, on the basis of force, the ball into the! Crazy atmosphere at the scene, Curry again enjoy worship. Match, Curry got 29 points and 11 assists, and a data show that when the Curry into a passer, he can be such a gorgeous assists data into victory, in the game, in a Curry last 35 assists in double game, the warriors won 34 games, this is the best definition of MVP, may not be of the highest scorer, also is not the best defender, but it is the most valuable player and his team to be able to do in perfect order, blood will also be able to see at the moment the jugular.


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