Our defense starts from Klay Thompson's point

Published by: Rose on 1st Apr 2017 | View all blogs by Rose

Today, the Warriors will be at home against the Rockets, Klay Thompson said he cherished and James Harden's confrontation opportunities! Today the two teams will usher http://www.authenticoilersshop.com/authentic-44-zack-kassian-jersey.html in the fourth time this season, the Warriors seem to have the means to limit the rocket attack. The offensive efficiency of the Rockets this season was 112.3 points (per 100 rounds), the second highest in the league, but when the face of the Warriors, their offensive efficiency is the league's third difference of 102 points. "Thompson is one of the best one to one defenders in the league," David West said, "Our defense starts from his point. Harden's performance Women Ryan Smyth Camouflage Jersey this season is definitely MVP level, on December 2 last year, he had scored 29 points, 15 rebounds and 13 assists, led the Rockets in the road bitter two overtime to 132-127 victory over the Warriors. Warren and Rockets in the first three times this season, Harden twice played three pairs of performance, but a total of 56 shots 19 (hit rate of 34%), three-pointers in 25 3 (hit rate of 12%), and 20 Mistakes. In the Warriors view, in order to prevent Harden, first can not let Harden "dance". "You let him dance, dance, dance, that 's the way he finds the rhythm," Green said. "We've succeeded in limiting him and forcing him to do what we want him to do. It can be said that the ability of Harden and the body, the league few people can prevent him, but the Warriors are very lucky, because they have Thompson, Iguodala and other defensive players, their body is not inferior to Harden. In the March 29 rocket to 106-113 loss to the Warriors in the game, Harden 20 vote only 5. "He will get his data," Thompson said. "He's a great player, and since high school I've always confronted him, so it's something I cherish." But the Warriors defense strategy is also in the adventure, because Harden is good at causing http://www.authenticwildshops.com opponents foul, this season he has fined 817 free throws, and the Warriors no one free throws more than 372 times. In this season and the Warriors 3 encounters, Harden on the free throw line has 32 penalty 29 in the performance, including Wednesday in the free throw line to complete the 13 free throws in the performance. So the Warriors on Harden's defense is not perfect, they know every defense Harden, may bring their own trouble. "He throws some of the ball, he is a great player, he can still throw into the ball," Green said.



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