So powerful data! the Rockets not willing to send Beverley away

Published by: Rose on 24th Feb 2017 | View all blogs by Rose

Rockets away to the Pelicans, the two teams of new aid Louis Williams and Cousins ​​both battle. Which Williams debut Navy Blue Trevor Linden Jersey in the 7-shot long shot, the audience to get 27 points, the first show full house. Pelican opening with 5 points, Beverly then use the footsteps turned hook hit, Anderson made fouls made two free throws. Both you come to me, Moore two free throws, the pelican to 12-8 lead. But Capella first grabbed the offensive rebounds to complete the second attack, followed by Dengcheng completed empty, Harden steals layup, the Rockets to 16-14 lead. Then Williams replaced Anderson, just hit the hands of three consecutive hit, to help the Rockets will be the advantage of widening to 8 points, small Gordon not far behind, the same in the outside Biao long-range. Casspi scored five points, little Gordon layup, Cousins ​​at the last two free throws, the Rockets to 30-28 lead the end of the first section. Rockets bench full of power, especially the small Gordon and Williams this two guns turn open fire, really make the opponent can not stand. Williams hit the third in mind after the third, the score has become 46-35. The home team to drive inside, fired a wave of 9-0 counterattack, Harden and Harrell will be completed empty catch bleeding. Harrell off the bench after the performance of active, in the inside turn over the sea, Anderson is continuous hit long-range, the Rockets gradually establish the advantages of Harden touch porcelain made two free throws, Kim Terry and dissatisfied with the referee to eat technology foul, penalty. Before the end of the three small Gordon once again hit porcelain successful, 3 free throws. Although Davis finally made a foul 2 penalty 1, but the Rockets still 66-50 with 16 points into the second half advantage. Cousins ​​is still on the pitch, Kim Terry seems to hope that he can run with his teammates as soon as possible; Williams is also left in the field, D'Antoni is similar to the idea. Before the deadline for the transfer, the Bulls offered a quote from the Rockets, Gibson and Caron just for Beverly. Morey smiled, would like to have refused to refuse the Bulls trading proposal. And with the pelican a war, Beverly audience to get 2 points and 12 rebounds and 5 assists plus 4 steals, the data is quite tough. This is willing to force Greivis Vasquez Official Cheap Jersey the end of the defensive end, without the need for the best 3D, the Rockets of course, do not want to easily away.



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