The Pacers send away the headed star?

Published by: Rose on 23rd Feb 2017 | View all blogs by Rose

George is the star of the Pacers, but before the trade deadline, he fell Black Loui Eriksson Jersey into the rumors, the Celtics are very want to get him. For whether the transaction George, the Pacers had a very determined attitude, that is, never send away their own team of facade players, said he is not for sale. But recently the United States broke the news that the Walker is assessing the value of Paul George's deal to decide whether to send him away. 26-year-old George is the fourth All-Star player, has 3 times selected the best team, 3 times into the best defensive team. In the eyes of many people, George is the second best player in the East, second only to James. According to Wo God's latest news, the Pacers' attitude has loosened, and they are measuring the value of George in the trading market. Before the trade deadline, the Pacers plan to do both hands, one is to complete the transaction, the introduction of some powerful talent players, prompted George to stay in Indiana. The second is to listen to the offer of George, if satisfied with the program, then he sent away, around the Myers Turner team. On whether or not to deal with George in this regard, the Pacers are not anxious to make a decision, unless the Celtics for the pursuit of George to provide the best chips, but also do not rule out the Bulls suddenly willing to trade Butler to Boston. In short, the Celtics have the opportunity to get Butler or other favorite star before the Pacers do not need to make a hasty decision. According to George's contract, he has the right to jump out of the contract after the end of the season, becoming a completely free agent. The source has revealed that George has been considering this option: renew the Pacers, or join the home team Lakers. Pacers certainly want to maintain long-term relationship with George, but if the latter does not intend DeMar DeRozan White NBA Jersey to renew, the team may be the first to start him out, in exchange for the need to rebuild the chips. The Celtics are good deals, they have enough young players and first-round picks.



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