For sure, Beverly's value will not be as trading chips

Published by: Rose on 23rd Feb 2017 | View all blogs by Rose

The Rockets are currently 40 wins and 18 losses record high in the west of the first 3, but the Houston people also know that the real warriors and the Spurs to form a strong challenge, they need further reinforcement. With the transaction deadline approaching, the Rockets is also frequent attack, and has had a major gain. In a previous deal with the Lakers, the Rockets sent Brewer and a first-round pick, in exchange for the Super Sixth Williams. But the Rockets are not satisfied, they hope that the trade deadline before the new gains. The source revealed Neal Broten Green Home Jersey that the Rockets had an interest in the Cavalier player Schumpeter, hoping to be able to trade him. 26-year-old Schumpeter is a very good 3D players in the league, three-point shooting reached a career high of 40.3%. Schumpeter not only has a Rockets is very important long shot ability, and he can also enhance the city off the defensive ability. But the problem is that the Cavs do not want to easily let go of Schumpeter, they made to want Beverly. Sources said the Cavs of this request was the Rockets refused. The Rockets are now no deal to take Beverly's plan, he is the team to play the most hard, defensive the most aggressive players, won the management, coaches, players and fans love. Beverly himself also expressed the desire to stay in Houston. In fact, it is not just the Cavs interested in Beverly, the other two eastern teams Bulls and Knicks are also interested in Beverly, hoping Dak Prescott Cowboys Jersey to trade him. But the Rockets know the value of Beverly, his defense, long shot and rebound ability, giving the team a considerable help. More importantly, Beverly does not need too much ball right, very suitable for playing around in Harden.



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