Miller Time! greatness has never been measured by champions

Published by: Rose on 28th Dec 2016 | View all blogs by Rose

"Miller Time", it was a "8.9 seconds 8" magic show Maliek Collins Youth Jersey, Miller beat the Knicks, also won the race and time , That is the performance of Miller's Gods! June 2, 1994, the Pacers in the Eastern Conference finals fifth battle the Knicks, Madison Garden Arena has never been an easy to conquer the battlefield, the Pacers in the fourth quarter behind 12 points. At this point, the Knicks fans, the famous director Spike Lee talked Reggie Miller trash talk, and speech filthy, very harsh, Miller listened to, of course, very angry, but he knows that he can do The best response is to play a stronger performance, win the game. So in the fourth quarter, Miller miraculous Biao in mind three-pointers, single-quarter cut 25 points, and hit the fifth in the third, Miller facing Spike Lee, made a famous lock hose Action, in order to respond to each other's trash, this is a strong response, but also to the famous director revealed a little embarrassed look. But you think this is the "Miller Time" all the stories? Then you may be wrong! Madison Garden Arena's miraculous performance is only a fragment of Miller's career, and it is in this opponent, it is in this arena, Miller in a year later staged a real "Miller Time." At that time, the Pacers and the Knicks to join the Eastern Conference semifinals, their series opener is at the Madison Garden Arena, the Knicks until 18.7 seconds left in the fourth quarter, but also to 105-99 lead, according to ordinary thinking, the The game has been decided, unless there is a miracle, the Knicks will get the first game of the series victory. But the miracle really happened, Miller took the ball after the ball without hesitation, direct dry pull-third shot, the ball flew over a beautiful arc, the hollow network, the Pacers will be sent to narrow the difference to 3 points. At this point the Knicks have the ball, arguably the best tactical Pacers is the use of "foul tactics" to save time, but the Pacers again do not follow common sense out of the cards, the former field to prevent, Miller frontcourt completed steals, Pull the third shot, this time, the ball has entered, the two sides hit into the 105 level. Miller with 5.5 seconds time to get 6 points, so that the two teams back to the same starting line. Finally Miller grabbed rebounds and made fouls, and made two free throws. Miller 8 minutes in a total of 8 minutes to create a magic moment belongs to him, although this time is not in the final 8.9 seconds to complete the game, but did not affect its greatness, which is still the NBA history One of the greatest performances on!


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