How to perform CPR for Medium to Giant Dogs

Published by: manav on 5th Aug 2017 | View all blogs by manav

The info-graphic titled as “Pet CPR for Dogs” describes the important steps of Pet CPR training. If your dog becomes out cold or a respiratory arrest may occur. Before getting a cardiac arrest the heart may continue to beat for several minutes after the breathing stops. At this time if a patient gets immediate CPR, then his life can be saved.  

 For Medium to giant dogs

  • Lay your dog on her side on a flat surface.

  • Place your hand on the widest part of the chest and make sure you are not pressing his heart then use two-handed technique.

  • By keep your arms straight push down on the rib cage. Compress the chest ¼ of its width. Squeeze and release rhythmically at a rate of 80 compressions per minute.

  • Continue performing these CPR steps until your dog breathes on his own and has a normal heartbeat.

 Know more about pet CPR training for each dog type by browsing on the website or cal also call directly. You can also check-out the details given on below info-graphic.



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