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Published by: manav on 20th May 2016 | View all blogs by manav

EE is the first network provider which has given you the option to call in the places where you’d always found the network a bit patchy. With their wifi calling service, you can now use your phone anytime anywhere to call your loved ones even when the network is not on your side.

The infographic “Why to Choose EE’ is specifically designed to make you aware of all the benefits which you can receive by choosing this network operator, a direct number to connect the EE customer service is also mentioned in the infographic. EE gives you the speediest coverage within the UK when it comes to 4G network.

In the year 2012, EE was providing 4GEE services with a speed of up to 30MBPS, in 2014 it started delivering the double speed 4GEE with a speed up to 60MBPS and the latest record is of 4G+ network with a speed up to 90MBPS. Isn’t it awesome?!

You can always contact EE Customer Service, whether you’ve any queries related to your phone upgrade or you wish to know about different tariff plans or other benefits or else you can get assistance regarding setting up your broadband connection and even if you simply want to file any complaint regarding bad network connection. Their trained advisors will be more than happy to get these problems sorted for you within no time.


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  • Sanidhariam
    by Sanidhariam 1 year ago
    Yes I also want to know the logical reasons of contacting EE customer care service. I hope I can find the answer through assignment help uk as it is doing great for such kind of issues.
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