How Does Delegation Helps In Recognizing Skills?

Published by: manav on 17th May 2016 | View all blogs by manav

It is not just those new to management or supervisory jobs who find difficulty in delegating; many senior managers still have a problem with “letting go.” They can forget that, while someone might have been inexperienced five years ago, by now their knowledge and experience has developed so they can take on more responsibility.
You know from your own experience that a boss who does not recognize that you have developed and gained more skills by giving you more responsibility can be a real hindrance. You get frustrated and demotivated - your potential is not being realized. This is one of the main complaints about bosses on all levels - “he doesn’t give me the chance to show what I can do,” or “what the point in learning new skills, if I am not allowed to use them?” Make sure you do not do this to your team - use effective delegation to make sure that they are given more responsibility as their skills grow. If you are not sure what work they are able to take on, you can always ask!

In addition to just “getting the job done,” effective delegation has benefits in other areas that makes your life easier and improves team performance.

How does delegation helps in improving time management?

Delegation is probably the most important of all the time management skills, maximizing your time by passing on those tasks that others can do. You cannot do it all by yourself - the pressure of work for many people is now so high that, in reality, you have to delegate to survive. Many of you will think that you delegate all the jobs that you can, but studies have shown that most people who delegate could, in practical terms, delegate ten percent more tasks than they currently do. Does ten percent more time - over a month or a year - sound good to you?

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