Ways to Show Respect for the People Who Work For You

Published by: manav on 13th May 2016 | View all blogs by manav

Below mentioned are some of the major ways to show respect for the people who work for you:

Delegate Authority Equal to Responsibility: There can be no respect without delegation of authority. When you delegate responsibility but fail to delegate adequate authority, most people will interpret your actions this way: “He wants me to do the job, but he doesn’t trust me with the authority I need to get the job done.” Failing to delegate proper authority is a blatant show of disrespect for the needs of the person.

Respect People’s Time: Why is it that the boss can keep a person waiting but a person dare not keep his boss waiting for even a minute? The waiting game is often nothing more than a power game. When a manager keeps a person waiting outside his office he is communicating a subtle message: “I am more important than you. Your job can wait.”

Naturally there will be times when you may have to make a person wait. This may happen on occasion, but try to avoid it at all costs. You may boost your own ego by keeping others waiting but you’re also losing valuable productivity.
When you give a person an assignment and deadline, make sure you give him enough advance notice. If you dump work on your people and assign deadlines as though everything were an emergency, you will surely have a group of disgruntled people on your hands. Unfair, unrealistic deadlines again communicate a loud message: “He doesn’t care about my needs and constraints; he cares only about getting the job done.”

Don’t Usurp People’s Authority: Once you have delegated authority, never take it back unless the person has abused it in some way. As we said before, authority, power, and self-esteem are all tied up together. When you tamper with a person’s authority, you are sure to upset the applecart.

Whenever you undermine the authority of people, regardless of your intentions, they will think they have failed in some way, in which case they will lose face in front of others. They will feel that you simply don’t care about their feelings and needs.

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