How Green Deal is Useful For Saving Energy At Your Home?

Published by: manav on 12th Aug 2016 | View all blogs by manav

The Infographic titled as “The Green Deal: Energy Saving For Your Home” talks about the basics of Green Deal, how it works and the improvements that can be installed through it.

The Green Deal is a UK government policy which helps to make energy-saving improvements to your home. Up to £10,000 is available for the work and the amount would be repaid back over 25 years.
The Green Deal works in the following way:

 An accredited Green Deal Assessor visits the property, carries out the assessment and recommends the measures.

 You need to get a quote from a Green Deal Provider.

Sign up to package of measures with a Green Deal Provider financed by a Green Deal Plan.

 Then a Green Deal Provider arranges for an accredited installer in order to visit and carry out the work.

The improvements that could be installed through Green Deal include the following:

  •     Loft Insulation
  •     Boilers
  •     Cavity Wall Insulation
  •     Replacement Windows
  •     External and Internal Solid Wall Insulation
  •     Draught Proofing

 For more details, Call the E.ON Contact Number or refer the Infographic.




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