Who can more than Sam Presti about the great vision on a draft?

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Sam Presti's acting is the best general manager in today's NBA draft vision. Rockets general manager daryl morey said good at taobao in the draft, but morey is basically in the second round of tinkering Jaguars Denard Robinson Jersey around the edges, Presti often choose the high quality players in the first round, apparently more show his power. The Spurs series product were remarkable, Presti worked in SAN Antonio for seven years, from popovich and R.C. buford, learned a lot. As general manager after the thunder, Presti after durant, westbrook and harden, the barca, Adams and other star players, he single-handedly makes thunder league super giants. , however, the Presti has always been people think smart, also has been criticized, his barca contract with Iraq in 2012, but would not satisfy harden's appetite, eventually the harden traded to the rockets. Give up harden Presti's career, general manager of one of the most regret things. Selected three little thunder, who can than draft vision? "Because I don't think Presti has built this thunder team now and get enough praise. He adopted league team mentality, most managers envisaged by budget Darrelle Revis Authentic Jersey deal, draft, and let the young people at the top and the team mixed veterans will just inherited a bad team together." Mike brown said of colleagues who worked together in the SAN Antonio Spurs. Presti's eye is really very good, he choose to negotiators for the thunder high quality young players, let the team from a buoyant thoroughly remould oneself become a good team... Presti, in a supersonic in his first year with the second sign the pick Kevin durant. This choice is simpler, because Kevin durant was always, as two seats before locking and oden early. In 2007, durant joined supersonic (thunder). In 2008, the Presti on the fourth line to select less, line to pick the barca, 24, fully shows the Presti of the eye. Westbrook less now is one of the best point guard in the league, barca in Iraq has become a good big man. In 2009, the Presti with no sign, chose harden, this is the draft in the history of a shrewd move. In 2011 first-round pick 21, Presti for the thunder to reggie Jackson. Draft in 2013 first-round pick 12 selected Steven Adams, the first round of the no. 26 Andrew Robertson. Presti of first-round pick players yield is very high. Had a great eye is also praised the draft, the rockets general manager daryl morey is mainly embodied in the second-round pick many bright spots, but the first show is often wasted. Presti, choose the first round of the show, by contrast, a foothold in the NBA, even become a star player, this ability is difficult compared to other team general manager. Why the Presti's look so prospective? Is really all Presti one's inspection? The answer is not the case. Presti has created an excellent team, team vice President and general manager assistant Troy weaver's highly recommended, so the Presti she was picked http://www.nflbillsofficialshop.com/WOMENS_YOUTH_ANDRE_REED_JERSEY.html out the Westbrook. Basketball, director of research and analysis about the data gold, thunder signed morrow. The thunder's management includes all kinds of people, such as Presti, trust and respect to them, and the members are to its respect. "You need to obey leadership, Sam is a leader, we have to obey his leadership." Team chief operating officer Paul doc rivers said. Weaver said, "look at Sam what brings to this team, I don't think he's got enough praise. Everyone here is outstanding, every time I came into the office, you will get on very well with these people." Presti for the thunder's contribution, not only is to help the team get some big-name players, but under his leadership, the team set up a better team culture. All of these help the thunder from a buoyant gradually became league super giants. "Bao yi barca harden, his guts of remorse, Presti has been hailed as a draft and the man of god, but he also has been questioned, it is the summer of 2012, Presti, choose the priority and the barca contract, didn't meet the contract requirements, harden left his team in order to prevent harden become a free agent, he will harden before 2012-13 season start traded to the rockets. Presti after finish the deal, once declared http://www.nflbillsofficialauthentic.com/Nike-Lesean-Mccoy-Jersey.html himself doing the right thing. "I feel very strange thing happened in professional sports, is that people always stubbornly try to repeat once. I don't think we are. We try to analyse the question from another Angle. There is no doubt that harden is a talented player, negligence or Martin, lamb and so many picks. However, I think our team has done a good job, in the next, they will have different types of players combined into a whole, and find a place for them." Presti said. And if in the Presti of the position, many people will choose to give up harden, confirmed the barca. Thunder is a small market team, Presti must control the payroll. The thunder outside have Kevin durant and Russell westbrook scored two points, then inside general of the barca effect seems to be more important than harden. So he set the priority to renew the barca's strategy was not wrong. The crux of the problem is that the thunder if meet the requirements of harden, then the thunder will start to pay the luxury tax, and the team's salary cap space so the lock. This is thunder owner Clayton Bennett - don't want to see. So, the Presti must choose. As you can see Presti, after leaving the SAN Antonio Spurs, no doubt, is also a winner, no prostitute Spurs system rests!


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