What You Need To Know About Heart Worm

Published by: Joel on 6th Apr 2017 | View all blogs by Joel


Heartworm is a common problem among dogs, but there are many other animals that can also struggle with these invasive parasites. There are actually a number of questions concerning this issue that people who care for wolves, horses, cats, foxes and other animals frequently have. Even sea lions can be affected by worms. Fortunately, however, this is definitely a treatable issue.

How can heart worm be prevented? Most commonly, lvermectin and other medications like it are an excellent form of prevention. Drugs like these are designed to trigger a dog's natural preventative mechanisms for greater protection against this threat. There are several signs that pet owners should be mindful of such as dullness, chronic coughing, and chronic panting.

How big are heartworms? Heartworms are parasites that can reach considerable lengths. As adults, female heartworms can be as long as 27 centimeters. Adult males can grow as large as 17 centimeters in length. Other vehicles are used by these worms as a means for infestation and development. One example is the mosquito. During the formative stages of their development, the larvae of this parasite can be found in mosquitoes.

Is prophylaxis solely for use with heartworms? No, prophylaxis can be used by numerous parasites. It is frequently used to prevent hook worms, whipworms, and roundworms. How does transmission occur? Larva in the third stage of development can be injected into a new host through loaded bites.

This is an issue that isn't isolated to any particular area. It actually occurs all throughout the world. The number of these infestations decreases annually in the colder months, during the normal breeding season for mosquitoes. At this time, these insects remain dormant given that their larvae haven't yet grown. Protect your pets before worms become an issue. They can be injected with milbemycin or lvermectin. Talk to your vet to learn more. There are both topical and oral forms of these medications available as well.



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