What is Laminar Air Flow Horizontal Cabinet?

Published by: arpitkakkar1 on 5th Oct 2017 | View all blogs by arpitkakkar1
The aim of a laminar flow cabinet or a flow hood is to bypass ULPA or HEPA sorted laminar air flow all over the hood to safeguard the work from the lab environment.  Laminar flow cabinets are employed in microbiology, semiconductor, medical device, pharmaceutical, and microelectronic industries. Laminar flow is described as flow of a fluid or gas in similar layers.  Air freshen up by a HEPA filter goes all over the work in the hood to safeguard the work from contagion by the worker or the lab surroundings. Laminar flow cabinets do not defend the worker from any dangerous substance in the hood.  Laminar flow cabinets are both vertical and horizontal.  The vertical laminar flow brings in sieved air down from the pinnacle of the cabinet out the facade and reverse of the cabinet. Vertical laminar flow is unsurpassed when big objects like microscopes are to be employed in the hood.
Laminar air flow horizontal cabinets go by the sieved air crossways the labor and out into the space. Horizontal laminar flow hoods are finest for electronic components and microbiology where the work can be located near to sift in the reverse of the cabinet. Vertical air flow might compel elements from the hand or cover of the worker on to responsive areas or into societies.  The selection of a vertical or horizontal laminar flow cabinet is found out by the work to be executed.
Laminar air flow cabinets operate on laminar flow rule includes dual filtration of air via uncouth pre filters (upto 5 microns) and HEPA filters (below to 0.3 microns) for filtration of organic and particulate pollutants. A steady unidirectional air blows either vertically or horizontally, is illustrated from ambiance and passed via pre and HEPA sifts on to the working facade. Made up of unbreakable pest and weather defiant duro board that is clad in from outer side in plastic-coated sheet and inner side uncovered regions are terminated in epoxy paint. Surface panels are attached and composed of clear plexiglass. Facade door is foldable and composed of clear plexiglass.



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