What Are the Four Features That You Can Expect in NHL 18?

Published by: ultimatecoin on 7th Aug 2017 | View all blogs by ultimatecoin

NHL is a video game series that is based on ice hockey. The platform origin of the game is Genesis / Mega Drive. It is developed by EA Canada and EA Sports will launch the latest version of the game on 15 September of 2017. The first version of the game was launched back in 1991 and after that its popularity has gradually increased over time. Even after a successful journey of 26 years EA Sports continuously make changes on it to make it modern.

The game is licensed under National Hockey League so gamers can access the original team name of the league, stadiums etc. On the other, the game is also associated with NHLPA (National Hockey League Players' Association) that enables the original players’ names of the game and their likenesses in the facial expression and skill. However, gamers need to spend plenty of game coins for buying a player's card but interested gamers can also buy cheap NHL 18 coins for assembling their fantasy team. Read here about the features that you can expect in the upcoming NHL 18.

Features That You Can Expect in NHL 18:

You can obviously expect some real enhancement in the in-game graphics and audio. However, gamers are waiting to see some real changes in game playing so that it can create some quality impact and bring some real action in the gameplay. Read below about the in-game features that you can expect in NHL 18.

1.      It is expected that the developers are going to introduce some changes in the attacking movement. In NHL 18, gamers can try one handed move, heel drags, back handed toe drags, puck flips, between the leg desks etc.

2.      They can also play 3 vs 3 matches in EASHL mode. It will help players to enhance and show off their skill.

3.      The development team is also going to introduce some advanced defensive skills and supplementary control over poke checks.

4.      It is also expected that the game will come up with smarter AI that will enhance the team game experience and performance.

Bottom Line:

So these were the four features that you can expect in NHL 18. Similar to the last year, you can also buy coins from a third party service provider for building your dream team. EA Sport is also going to launch FIFA 18 in the last week of September. Interested gamers can also buy cheap FIFA 18 coins from these types of third party coin service provider for building FIFA Ultimate Team.



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