Types of Holiday Accommodations to Rent Mykonos

Published by: riscano on 19th Oct 2017 | View all blogs by riscano

Apartments, homes and villas are more suitable for independent minded travelers coming to Mykonos. These self-catering accommodation choices are the best for all their needs and there ate many options to rent Mykonos. Of all the accommodation options, villas have quite the advantage. It still depends on your needs and expectations, but we will look at the available options and compare them so you see the value of each one. Villas can be found in a lot of different settings from beachside to mountain locations.

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Goodness of a villa

As far as options to rent, Mykonos offers great value for money in villas and there is a good reason why they have risen to the top of luxury style accommodation. There is ample freedom and living space when you compare a villa to other options for accommodation in Mykonos. The best part is, these luxurious villas are not automatically costlier than hotels or apartments. This means you are offered very high quality at the same price or maybe cheaper than other accommodation options.

Self catering resorts

There are different types of self-catering resorts, villa hotels and apartment hotels to rent Mykonos. The characteristic of self-catering has grown so famous and attractive that even the conventional hotels we have always known have started including kitchenettes in their bigger rooms. Still, villas are still the optimal choice for the best self-catering, self-contained accommodation for those of independent mind.

Villa vs. villa hotel

One strong advantage to choose villa hotels to rent Mykonos is the availability of hotel services and management on call. This option will usually have a restaurant, pool and reception staff to guide your vacation activities. Getting information about the area, its people, places to go, things to do and how to move around becomes easier for you. There s a manager on call to answer any issues that may arise.

A villa, on the other hand, is completely independent. Some might find that advantageous while others will view it as a burden. A villa will be the perfect escape for you if you want to be completely away from people while villa hotels are the choice for service and security.

Villa vs. hotel accommodation

Another accommodation option to rent Mykonos is a villa will have two or more spacious rooms, full kitchen with equipment and a living space while a hotel does not. Children will have more room to play around and the added patios and balconies in some villas beat the hotel option by far.

Smaller and bigger groups alike will really enjoy a villa because of the extra space and capacity to accommodate more guests.

Villa vs. apartment

Apartments could be a good choice to rent Mykonos, but they are usually multiple dwelling units with elevators while a villa is a detached or semi-detached townhouse with all the perks plus privacy. If there is a ‘villa’ in a high rise building, it has been disqualified from being a villa. It is just a bigger apartment.

An apartment will put your right next door to neighbors and that can be a problem if you are trying to get away from the noise of others.



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