Solar vaccine refrigerator and its unique features

Published by: arpitkakkar1 on 30th Aug 2017 | View all blogs by arpitkakkar1

The eminence of vaccines is of maximum significance to the public. For establishing a secured and dependable process for getting vaccines to individuals that require them, all features of delivery must be considered, from manufacturing to administration. An essential step in this process is accumulation of these vaccines. Some solar refrigerators and vaccine coolers employ a combination of lead batteries and solar panels to accumulate energy for hazy days and at nighttime in the nonexistence of daylight to keep their substances cool. Solar vaccine refrigerator is costly and need profound lead-acid batteries.

1. An exclusive feature of these fridges is that sun’s energy is accumulated in ice in place of batteries. An ice section keeps the cupboard at needed temperatures all over the night. The main aim to the technology is employment of a DC compressor in place of the normal AC compressor employed in usual refrigerators, or in different solar coolers.

Therefore, sun's energy is taken by the solar panels and changed to DC electricity. The DC initiates the compressor, which then operates the refrigeration series. Ice is made in an ice accumulation section. The cool air is then dispersed by convection and through a fan in cabinet and kept at the needed temperature via a thermostat.

2. It involves environment responsive Greenfreeze refrigeration technique. Greenfreeze was produced and made liberally accessible to the people by Greenpeace in 1990s. Greenfreeze uses hydrocarbons for the wadding froth and the refrigerant sequence, and thus avoids the dependency on ozone layer depletion and powerful international warming fluorocarbons like HFCs and HCFCs. This is the first application made available to the world of a DC hydrocarbon compressor.

3. A converter allows this fridge to be motorized by manifold sources of power. Also, to plug into the electrical network, this solar refrigerator can also be operated on self-governing sources of energy like biomass, solar, wind and diesel production.
Thus, selecting the best solar vaccine fridge can add to the long life and effectiveness of vaccines for the medical competence that offer them to the people.



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