Shaquille O'Neal, guys are sensitive so "manage your own"

Published by: Rose on 11th Mar 2017 | View all blogs by Rose

Some time ago O'Neill and McGee in the social network on the curse, the results Green Gump Worsley Women Jersey of Durant stood up against McGee. "O'Neill is a timid free thrower, he deducts his dunk, he does not get free throws, he can not score outside the paint area." Durant said, "he is stronger than everyone, he does not have any technology, but he He is still a great player, but as a player, you have some shortcomings. There are media reports, O'Neill and McGee in the social platform to start after the curse, the Warriors have filed a complaint to the Union Office. After hearing the proposal, O'Neill left McGee. However, O'Neill did not let go of Durant, he thought Durant should not criticize himself as James criticized Barkley. For Durant's attack, O'Neill initially only in the Twitter on a simple response, but today he could not help but Durant had a strong fight back. "He can not talk to me like that," O'Neill said, "he might think he should do it, he is in support of teammates. He is a great player, but you have not yet entered the club. You and Barkley, Malone, Stockton in a club, you did not have the same club as me and those who won the championship. That's why I reminded him in Twitter: 'Take your own.'" O'Neill went on to say: "Now that the league is weak, these guys are sensitive. I am still a player is also sensitive, but I have never hit back predecessors. Jabal and Chamberlain never supported me, I was crying? No. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar once interviewed, the reporter asked him: 'O'Neill is great, his data and you are similar, how do you think he?' His answer is: 'he has not won the total Champion. 'I can fight back him, but I do not. I like to accept a real man. "James is fully qualified because he won the championship," O'Neill said, "but when a person who did not win the championship made that comment, you would say: 'What do you know?' Durant Just trying to support his teammates, and if you read what he said, his curse did not make sense. Well, there was something that was meaningful, and he said I was strong and I was bullied. I will not go to jumper and do not go drunk.



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