Business Fire Alarms: the Importance of Annual Inspections

Published by: ElinaSivak on 3rd Mar 2017 | View all blogs by ElinaSivak

No secret that smoke and fire alarms are basic fire safety systems that can literally prevent catastrophic losses of life and property by alerting and notifying people of fire situations in their buildings. Most residential and commercial premises are supplied with some kind of early alert smoke detection and fire alarm systems.

However, even if you have any kind of system in your home, it is important to understand that it must be properly maintained. Unless you care and check your fire alarm system regularly, fire alarm inspection experts explain that the system is useless. This means that whether you are a business owner or a housewife, you are obliged to ensure the safety and proper working condition of your fire equipment. In the article below you can find basic information about the annual fire alarm inspections required by the government.


With no doubt, one of the main rules of fire safety is to buy fire extinguisher in Canada and put it on the foreground. But as experts say, it is better to prevent a disaster than to deal with it once it comes. So the first rule of fire alarm inspection is to test the system regularly.

Every specific fire alarm system has its own testing requirements so it is important that you read the manual once install it. Second of all, keep in mind that if you miss some part working not as it is supposed to, or miss this improper operating piece of the system, you risk losing lives and assets! If you are unsure about your qualification to verify working condition and test the system on your own, call an expert for inspection. Better pay now with money, than later with lives.


There is a common idea that if you have an alarm system then there is no mater if it works or not. Some business people think that fire alarm inspection is needed only to pass the fire department inspections for a business. In reality you have to understand that a non-functional fire alarm is not an alarm at all! Non-working fire alarm will not be able to warn you about the upcoming disaster and consequently will not help you at all! Your goal is to ensure that your system works perfectly and will warn you about the fire so that you can save your life and assets without delay!

We hope that this simple overview about the importance of proper fire alarms systems inspection will push you to checking on your fire alarm or detection system and you will put it into working condition as soon as possible.

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