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Published by: Karthirao1 on 11th Aug 2018 | View all blogs by Karthirao1

Rummy has been and still is one of the most beloved games by Indians across the world - the most popular version being the 13-card rummy game. Within this version, there are several variations such as Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy. There are quite a few online gaming websites have state-of-the-art rummy portals but Rummy Central comes out on top!

It is very important to be able to tell the legitimate Rummy playing portals from the bogus Rummy playing portals and since the game involves cash, there is more at stake. Rummy Central has a secure payment gateway which ensure seamless transactions in every sense – whether it is adding and withdrawing cash or something as small as keep the players’ credentials safe and secure. With all these things in place, our players focus on improving their game and winning and making it to the top of the leader-board!

Another important aspect of playing rummy game online on Rummy Central is that you can play the game from anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re taking a break at work, or chilling at home on a Sunday, or waiting at the airport and your flight’s been delayed –  we’re accessible from anywhere. If you just wish to do a dry run, you can play just for fun and if you wish to play for stakes, then this is the right portal for you, too. Rummy Central has a website as well as a mobile app available for both Android and iOS systems that you can download at the click of a button.

Rummy Central has constant promotions and offers that run throughout the week, month and year. You can redeem a Welcome Cash of up to Rs 1500 as soon as you register and make your first deposit. You also get referral bonuses every time a friend of your joins Rummy Central through your referral. Apart from this, you can avail our offers and promotions on the tables that you play on at Rummy Central. There are offers for special days and festivals making playing on our website, a grand affair.

If you think you have it in you to play even more competitively, Rummy Central has special tournaments held every day for each variant of rummy i.e. Pool Rummy, Points Rummy as well as Deals Rummy. Players can stand to win substantial amounts of cash on these tables. All in all, it’s an experience to have and a ride to enjoy. 

When it comes to user experience, Rummy Central has left no stone unturned. You can create your profile on our attractive and user-friendly website and mobile portal. All you have to do islog on to and make an account with us. You can do so by either creating a new account or logging in with your existing Google account. Once you’re all set, you’ll find a user-friendly dashboard that you can use for anything – from managing your profile to keeping track of youraccount, tournaments and any promotions that we may be holding.You can also use your dashboard to keep track of your transactions, your games and any other action that you may have taken while being logged into the Rummy Central website.

These are some aspects of why Rummy Central is the best place to come an enjoy a game or maybe 20 of rummy online. Apart from the technical aspects, you also get to meet a lot of new people at the tables and understand how each player plays differently. This can help you improve your own game and help you win more and more in the future. So, if you think this is an option you wish to explore, join our community and get gaming!



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