Jul 31st

6 things We Must Know Before Buying Life Insurance Plan

By asarchnasinghx

Life Insurance plan has become a necessity these days. It is the best Investment we can have. Not only it covers the risk of our life but we get other benefits on maturity as well. Selecting a good Life Insurance plan can be a difficult task. We might get confused about which Insurance we should invest. In order to take the right decision, we must take a couple of steps. Some of them can be to check the premium that these companies offer. Others can be getting familiar with various players.

After selecting Life Insurance plan we must know how and where to buy it from. There are lots of options available that we can choose from. We can select the channel as per our convenience. First of all in order to pick right Life Insurance plan we must be familiar with few things. These are related to Premium calculation, types of plans, core competency etc. All of them has been elaborated below.

1.) Leading Players with features

Before buying an Insurance plan we must be aware of different companies offering Life Insurance plans. Some of these companies are.


Leading Insurance Players


HDFC Standard Life Insurance


SBI Life Insurance


Life Insurance Corporation of India


ICICI Prudential Life Insurance


Aditya Birla Capital


HDFC ERGO Life Insurance


Tata AIG


Aviva India


Birla Sun Life Insurance


Max Life Insurance

 2.) Types of Plans

All these Insurance companies got many products. We can choose the suitable plan as per our requirements. It can vary from pension plans to guaranteed saving plans. Types of Insurance plan can also be chosen as per our financial goals.

3.) Online Premium calculator

Premium is the amount paid for Sum Insured in Life Insurance plans. This has to be paid regularly till the policy term. Sum Insured is the amount that we would like to get after the maturity. In order to calculate our premium amount, we can use online calculators. After entering the required details we can easily get the amount of premium.

Some of the details that are required to get premium details are as follows.


Premium Calculation details


Age of the Person


Marital Status


Amount of Sum Insured


Smoker or Non-Smoker


Term of Policy


Type of Policy


Other Personal details such as name, email, phone number etc.

This online premium calculators can be used on the direct websites of the company. We can also check the same on web aggregators as well. Using comparison sites can get us a better idea of the premium of different companies. This can further help in taking the best decisions.

4.) Flexibility of Premium payments

There may be a slight difference in the amount of premium of these Insurance companies. We can always compare different premium and take calculative decisions. Also, these companies can allow us to pay the premium in different Intervals. It can be monthly; quarterly; half-yearly or yearly. We can check this flexibility option before choosing our policy.

5.) Maturity Benefits

Every Insurance company provides many maturity benefits. It also depends upon the product that we choose. We can always check about the same before deciding about the suitable Insurance plan.

6.) Unique Selling Proposition

These companies may have some competitive features that we should check before buying the plan. Some Insurance players have an option of choosing more than one nominee. Some companies offer loan against the premium. Likewise, there are many features that we must check before choosing any particular company.

After selecting Life Insurance company buying the same is a quite simple task. It can be easily bought life insurance and term insurance plan online through various online or offline channels.

Jul 25th

The Best CBD Oil Diet Supplement Plan

By john

CBD, the second most common cannabinoid in any given strain of cannabis sativa, which unlike THC produces no mental effects, is quickly gaining a great reputation. More and more people every year receive immense relief from the use of CBD to treat symptoms of epilepsy, anxiety, ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even many more conditions. You don’t have to be suffering from any of these awful illnesses to feel the benefits of CBD in your diet though, since the cannabinoid can even further improve the general health of just about anybody. There are no side effects (a very small percentage of people might experience some dry mouth and stomach pains, but even this is extremely rare), and it isn’t toxic in the slightest. This means it can’t really hurt to try for anybody that can afford it and has access to it. Here’s the best CBD oil dietary supplement plan if you’re curious to see what this alternative medicine can do for your body and mind.


Before you even decide what kind of product you want to consume your CBD from, you need to have an idea of the kind of dose you’re going for. The bare minimum you should ingest in a day to impact your endocannabinoid system in any way is a measly 2.5mg. On any type of CBD product, the dosage per serving should be on the label. If all you’re looking for are some general improvements to your already good health, 2.5mg is a great place to start. If you don’t notice any concrete results in about a week then go ahead and double that. Repeat up until about 30mg and if you still don’t notice anything in the end, it might be time to consider a different sort of product.

    The Best CBD Oil Products

There’s no end to the companies out there trying to capitalize on the newfound popularity of CBD oils, lotions, capsules, and all sorts of other products. As per usual, this means you have to choose wisely when doing your shopping if you want to purchase something from a company that has an authentic desire to deliver the best CBD oils to their customers. If you really want to be sure you find the right product for you, only you can do the necessary research!

Jul 23rd

Top Productivity Tips For Your Travel Blog Business

By dzhingarova

As a travel blogger, you’re constantly on the go. And usually, you love that your job allows you to do that. After all, how many people do you know who can get up and go, end up working at a bar by the beach and typing away on their laptop or camping in the Rocky Mountains with a hot-spot to meet deadlines in the wilderness? It’s an amazing opportunity to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, but sometimes, it can be a bit distracting.


When you’re constantly traveling, and setting up camp in new places (we mean both literally and figuratively), it can be hard to focus on your work. And when the free walking tours and hostel-led bar crawls are calling to you, staying disciplined is a challenge. Luckily, there are lots of strategies you can use to make sure your writing gets done. It’s all about planning, getting in the right psychological space, and improving your habits. Here’s how.


Make a writing schedule


You probably already have a general writing schedule that you follow when you’re in your base city. Some bloggers publish three articles a week, some five. And usually, you’re able to stick to your schedule. But when you’re traveling, exploring a new place and making new friends, it’s easy to put your writing aside and forget about what you’ve planned to do. If you’re likely to do this, you need to create a special writing schedule for travel.


For example, give yourself a day off the morning you arrive—that way, you can get to know the city and spend some time socializing. The next day, you can have an intense day of writing, where you write three blog posts instead of one. It can be tempting to take the whole week off, but this won’t work, especially if you have readers who expect regular posts. But this way, at least, you’ll get some time to do what you love. With the number of bloggers in the US set to reach 31.7 million users in 2020, staying on track is a huge priority.


Get your head in the game


Another thing that travel does to us—which is usually a good thing because it opens us up—is that it gets us in a completely different headspace. But if you’re used to going to the same café every morning, having the same conversation with the barista, and ordering the same cappuccino, breaking out of this headspace can be disastrous for your concentration. The same applies if you have a whole gym routine or a specific park you run in.


That’s why, when you’re blogging in a new place, you need to create a routine that puts you in the right headspace no matter what. It’ll take a while to adjust, but one example that works almost anywhere is: coffee at the hostel, walk for an hour around the city or countryside, sit down at a nearby café or co-working space and write for two hours. Try out versions of this until you find what works for you.


Additionally, if you have a playlist you listen to while you work, this can automatically get you thinking about work no matter where you are. Considering that Spotify made $1.24 billion in its third quarter alone, it’s no surprise that so many people are using music streaming services to get their work done.


Get off social media and distracting websites


Another huge enemy of productivity is social media. Platforms like Facebook are designed to be addictive, and there seems to be no harm in scrolling through Instagram first thing in the morning—that is, until half an hour has gone by and you’re behind on your whole day. Whether your platform of choice is Twitter or Snapchat, you’re losing lots of time on social media, and it’s potentially unhealthy if you get addicted. You’ve seen it at hostels, people spending more time on their laptops and phones than they do speaking to each other.


The same goes if you have a site your addicted to reading. You’re a blogger, you love to read as much as you love to write, but it’s taking time away from your work. Save articles to your phone instead, to read when you’re on planes or riding public transit. And if you need some extra self-control, download one of these apps to block sites for the amount of time it takes you to write a new blog post.


These are some of the best ways to stay productive as a travel blogger, even when you’re in the throes of travel. Whatever name you’ve chosen for your blog, whatever specific niche you’re writing about, this will keep you on track.


How else do you ensure your work gets done, even when you’re busy traveling?