Feb 27th

Important questions to ask before selecting your EOT Cranes

By scrane

Finding the best crane manufacturing companies is certainly a challenging task and if this is the first time, you are sourcing industrial equipment, then you are likely to be confused not sure what to look for and where to start. Do not worry, you are not alone, and here are few tips that will help you get started in the right direction. Before you select your EOT cranes, here are few important questions that you need to ask.
Do you need a single girder EOT cranes or a double girder cranes? Yes, this is one of the most important factors to be taken into account when you are trying to source your cranes. You will first need to be clear with your own requirements and only based on that you will be able to decide. This is a question that you need to ask yourself and if you are not sure, get help from the manufacturers on the technical details.
The next important question is aimed at your manufacturer and the crane services. Will the manufacturer or the supplier be installing the cranes for you or would you need to find your own team for the installation of the cranes? For the perfect operations of the crane, it is vital that you get the crane professionally involved. Faulty installations could bring down even the optimal operations of even the best quality cranes. Have all your questions regarding installations answered before you place the order. Whether it is installed by the supplier or by your own team, you need to check with the supplier whether the installation is easy or complex. 
Few other installation related questions that you should not forget to ask include the following. How easy it is to install the cranes? How long will it take to install the crane? What other arrangements are required for the installation to be completed successfully?
With regard to the operations of the cranes, does the EOT crane that you are ordering meet the safety standards? Yes, it is very crucial that the equipment you install meets the government safety standards so that you do not violate any rules. 
Does the EOT crane you are ordering come with any warranty or guarantee? How long does the warranty cover you? What are the terms and conditions of the warranty?
Does your supplier take care of future maintenance of the cranes installed or do they just deliver you the equipment? It is important to have this question answered or else you would end up stuck at a later stage if you just presume things. 
What is the cost of the equipment? What does the cost indicated cover? Does it include transportation and installation? Are there any hidden charge? Have all your questions and doubts regarding the price clarified well in advance. Here again, you should never presume things. It is important that you are completely clear with regard to what you are getting into and how much it is going to cost you.