Feb 23rd

Social Media Beginners Tips

By MarcoWooden

Determine the goal is one of the important objectives of the company. And here social networks have an advantage over the print media, radio and TV. This is low cost per contact. In this case, a visitor can draw contact for a lesser amount than when using any other method. To build your own group, or create an event, you do not need to invest huge sums. Usually, all confined to time spent on the arrangement of information and communicating it to potential consumers of goods or services.


Keep up the Pace


It is not a secret that large number of people that uses internet is registered in social networks. Moreover, this mark is over 80 %. Imagine, over 80 % of internet users, are in social networks. Not only are registered, but spend there a lot of time. This fact gives business unbelievable opportunities for advertise and development.

According to some studies, most of social network users prefer to use business that is present in social networks. It has been a long time, since social networks were just places for communication. Today you can find there almost all the information. People used to search for required goods on social networks. This fact should stimulate you to get an account for your business and furthermore, monitor on most popular and developing social networks, to follow latest tendencies and not miss the opportunities.


Uniqueness is a Key

Business market does not feature monopolists. So, to stand out among all the numerous companies, you have to be unique. Bring something new, have an interesting logo, slogan, etc. Entice customers by posting regular and interesting information, make them choose you. Your mission is to make people go to you, despite of all the competitors and big brand, choose you. Identification of a brand is one of the largest components of success in business world. It doesn’t need to be mentioned that Coca Cola, Apple, McDonalds and others, are so popular because of their identity and it was set at the stage of company formation.


Social Networks are for Communication


It is wrong to think that the community can be conducted, as the site - as one-way communication. When your company simply transmits information about your activities and everything ends here. Yes, this format is possible, but you need to understand that social networks were set up for communication and interaction. Leave the site for one-way communication, and community in a social network - to communicate.


It is inevitable that people will try to communicate with you- ask questions, post comments, etc. And this is good. The main goal is to answer, really build relationships and do it quickly. Don`t make delays, try to answer as fast as possible. If the terms of response on behalf of your company reach a day, seriously think about your customer service. Hire more people, if existing employees don’t handle it.


Be Aware


And at the same time, it is necessary to analyze the experience of competitors. Both positive and negative. Start with business giants of the market. They are already at the top, everything happened earlier and you have a chance to notice the successful idea, make up your own and promote your business. And this, incidentally, applies not only to social networking. This rule applies to both the video and for the sites, as, indeed, and for television and advertising in general.

The technology is simple. Highlight of the strongest players in your market. Look at what they do, how they do it, what social networks they choose in the first place and where they have the largest activity. Take a note of it and join these social networks, and leave the rest for later.


Last, but not Least


The growth in sales and earnings - is the main task of any company. And social networks can affect sales. However it is foolish to expect that within a week after the launch of the community in Facebook, the crowd of clients will be frantically to buy your products.

Increase of sales through social networks can be made through long and painstaking work with a reputable brand and by winning customer loyalty. Loyal customers often make repeated purchases, as well as recommends brand to friends that ultimately lead to increased sales.



However, the fact to turn an ordinary member of your community into a loyal customer, takes time. And even if you're doing the right thing, not everyone that has come to the community, will be a loyal customer. Therefore, sometimes several hundred of participants - is not enough to increase sales.

Feb 14th

Monosodium Glutamate - Its use in food and the regulatory guidelines

By admin



Monosodium Glutamate(MSG) is a food ingredient which is added to different packaged, frozen and canned foods. It is basically a salt of common amino acid Glutamic Acid. Glutamic acid is also present in our bodies and in many foods like tomato and cheese. It is popularly known as Ajinomoto TM.In 1908, Professor Kikunae Ikeda from Japan first extracted Glutamate from seaweed broth. He first started the commercial production of Monosodium Glutamate. MSG was first used in Chinese cuisine by a local cook in 1950. Since then, this food additive is being used in Chinese cuisine. It enhances the taste and flavor of food items and improves the shelf life of foods. This chemical is used in sausage, noodles, pasta.It gives a distinct meaty flavor to these food items.

  As per the doctors, this food chemical is dangerous for health. It is known as silent killer. It supports the abnormal growth of body cells. This may cause Cancer. Other Common side-effects of MSG are Headache, sweating, chest pain, nausea, weakness, heart palpitations, and drowsiness. Consuming food items containing excessive amount of MSG may lead to Obesity. Excess consumption of MSG also affects the eyesight and causes Parkinson’s disease.

  Food manufacturers use MSG to reduce their cost of production and earn more profits. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) made it mandatoryfor manufacturers to mention-MSG added for labeling of food items incase it’s not naturally present in the food item . As per the guidelines of FDA, this preservative cannot be listed as “spices and flavoring”.

 Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) has given guidelines for MSG in India. As per the Food Product Standards and Food Additives regulations, 2011, Monosodium Glutamate can only be used in specific foods. MSG cannot be deliberately added to food products. This is strictly prohibited. During food inspection, if the manufacturer is found guilty, may be penalized.

MSG content in food items can be detected by High-Performance Liquid Chromatographyand Potentiometric Titration Method.

It’s better to avoid MSG in your food item. Check labeling of packaged and frozen foods.

FSSAI, Food regulator in India, has clarified that there is no analytical method to check whether MSG was added during manufacturing or it was naturally present in the food. If food manufacturers use MSG in their products, they can’t use “No MSGs” or “No added MSGs” in their products.

FSSAI also clarified that “every advertisement for and/or a package of food containing added MSG shall carry the following declaration, namely, “This package of (name of the food contains added)……..MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INFANTS BELOW-12 MONTHS”.


Our safety is in our hands. “MSG added” is generally found in packaged and frozen foods. It’s better to check labeling information for making a choice for the product. Avoid street foods and stay safe and healthy.

Feb 1st

The most effective method to Learn any Topic Easily

By jackbotam
You know when you take a gander at those individuals who appear to learn things effectively? 
What is their mystery? 
What's more, the inverse, huh? What is the behavioral enslavement that keeps understudies stuck in scholarly average quality? 
Could you envision what great understudies have that is not the same as others? 
1. What isolates virtuoso from average quality is determination. 
To outline the conduct of an understudy who is better than expected, listen to this genuine story of a youthful attendant, twenty-something, with dark hair and round glasses, called Renée. Renée was before the PC being shot by an educator as she was attempting to tackle a variable based math issue. In a solitary work out, she burned through twenty-two minutes testing diverse factors and theories to find to the solution. 
She converses with herself, saying "Ah, I get it! Presently I'll build the number, and I want to … ah, didn't work, now what? In the event that I decrease the other variable, it might offer assistance. Hello, it moved forward! On the off chance that I additionally diminish the variable, I want to unravel it. Huh, didn't work. 
What happened?" 
What puts forth the defense of Renée intriguing? It is constancy. We can even go further and say the accompanying: What isolates great understudies from poor understudies is perseverance. 
Give us a chance to clarify. 
2. Industriousness predicts results. 
There is a universal examination called TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study), which is like the PISA exam (Program for International Student Assessment). TIMSS surveys and thinks about the numerical and logical learning of understudies from around the globe. 
There is the exam itself, and there is additionally a poll that makes inquiries of the understudy, for example, "How often seven days do your educators appoint you homework? What is your assessment about the significance of math? What is your sentiment about your school?" 
This understudy statistics has many inquiries, and for a kid or youthful, it winds up being an overwhelming procedure to finish it. It is I the first time used assistance for writing of assignment of math assignment.essayshark.com/math-help and has been pleasantly surprised.
basic for some understudies to leave a few clear inquiries. Keep in mind, this is only a poll to take in more about the financial profile of the understudy. It isn't the test itself! 
The fascinating part comes now: a group of three scientists distinguished that constancy is a variable that predicts the understudy's execution on the test. Understudies who don't have the perseverance even to finish something as essential as the financial profile survey regularly do not have the ingenuity to tackle the test. 
Envision if tomorrow you get out a Math Olympiad, with a thousand understudies speaking to every nation on the planet. The nation who wins in front of the rest of the competition is not a country of prodigies. It's quite recently the nation where more understudies have the teach and diligence to confront the difficulties with poise. By chance, in this Math Olympiad it is conceivable to foresee which nations will be on top and which will be on the base without expecting to ask a solitary math address. Simply give them any errand that measures perseverance. 
3. Scholastic achievement involves demeanor. 
Sadly there are individuals out there who surmise that to see any subject one must have a blessing, an occupation, an ability, a unique capacity—you should be a virtuoso. This isn't right. What has a significant effect in learning isn't the ability. It's the demeanor. It is stance. So I'm recording this video here; it's about the attitude towards examine. When I'm concentrate any subject, whether it's in brain science, business, wellbeing, fund, connections or subjects from the Arata Academy and natugood courses, I never forget the attitude as the initial step. What is the aim behind it? What is the mental express, the demeanor that I will receive? 
Where there is a will, there is a way. Where there is commitment and perseverance, there will be result, with a specific end goal to defeat the troubles ahead. 
The conduct we need to display from the case of today's story is NEVER GIVE UP. It is to realize that where it counts we can take care of the issue. This helps us not to desert the practice in the center. 
Take note of that the youthful medical caretaker in the story is not a math master, but rather she has something that separates her from most understudies: ingenuity. The normal understudy is one who after a few endeavors demonstrates a "poor little person" confront and says, "Teacher, I couldn't fathom this. What's the reply?" 
In the event that you need to take in any subject, regardless of whether it is science, cardiology, remote dialects, contemplation or natural science, you have to build up your perseverance and eagerness to do the diligent work.