Feb 24th

The Rockets have built the league's most "terrible" bench combination?

By Rose

Substitute mad scored 79 points, a moment, the Rockets will use this way will Pelicans off the hook. It is worth mentioning Rick Mahorn Blue Jersey that the score of 79 points, creating a Rockets team history record. Which new aid Williams, the first show will vote in the seven-thirds, the audience hurricane 27 points! Can not say that the Rockets has been equipped with the power to overthrow the Warriors, but in the Williams, and through the practice of playing the full color of the first show, everyone for the Rockets expectations can continue to increase. At the same time the game a group of incredible data is that the Rockets team only shot in the distance 3 times, respectively, within the next section with Williams, the third quarter of Anderson. Yes, the team a total of 91 shots, only 3 times in the distance shot, the remaining 88 shots, 51 times focused on the outside, there are 37 times focused on the inside. D'Antoni has made a statement before the game, "Williams will debut today, but will not play too much time." The fact is the case, count the whole play full of garbage NBA Mason Plumlee Jersey time, Williams also played a total of only 25 minutes 08 seconds. But in these times, he mad brush 27 points, hit 7 in mind three points, high efficiency amazing. Converted into unit time, less than 1 minute will be able to get 1 point. From the shooting area, Williams is simply docking with the Rockets. The first section of the game, he was in the right corner of the corner to pick up Harden assists, one-third of the vote; to the third quarter, he was in the right corner of the third corner of the vote; and to the distal, Williams in the left side of the bottom Corner of the third vote. The whole game 7 mind three points, there are four notes are three points in the bottom corner of the vote, of which three in mind three points, are the right side of the corner. Why should we emphasize the right corner? This is because the right side of the corner of the third, is the Rockets this season, the weakest link in the right corner of the corner position, the Rockets's three-point shooting only 34.5% poor, and the right side of the location near 45 °, Also only 34.5% hit rate. "We need to increase the depth http://www.officialwarriorsteamshop.com/Authentic-Draymond-Green-Jersey of the team's bench, and Louis Williams is no doubt that he has proved a scorer." When the Rockets get the Lakers Titans, D'Antoni had meaningful Said it. But perhaps even D'Antoni, probably could not think that Williams would have been so violent!

Feb 24th

The current James is now playing so easy

By Rose

Once again beat the Knicks, two consecutive seasons to complete the sweep Authentic Sergei Bobrovsky Jersey of the Knicks, and made 10 consecutive victories against the Knicks. The game is LeBron James career 1040 games, he tied Oscar Robertson, tied for history 99th. Although Kevin Love and JR Smith is still in a state of rest, can not play. But now this Cavs, has returned to normal state. Irving, James, led the team, the role of the players perform their duties, and Derek Williams, Korver, who is also very well integrated, and now James, playing on the field as the beginning of the season as easy! James's personal offensive ability unstoppable, he led the ability and no one can, in the second quarter of the game and the first quarter of the fourth quarter, James led the lineup play, more accurately, the Cavaliers sent to James for The core of the five lineup. When the Cavs sent the lineup, if the Knicks double-teamed James, then the Cavaliers four other striker on the mad one-third; and when the Knicks mark the other four shooters, James will get a relaxed layup or dunk opportunity. This set of five lineup is the key to the Cavs to win today. This season at the beginning http://www.authenticstarsstore.com/valeri-nichushkin-jersey_c-432.html of the time, the Cavaliers full status, James is also playing a play with a healthy play, a lot of games, James has not how force, Cavs has won, last year in October, November, James averaged only 36 minutes to play, and in January, James averaged 38.4 minutes per game. Over the past five games, James played time and fell to 36.9 minutes, you know, the current Cavs is still in a shortage of personnel. After the end of the All-Star, the team will enter the regular season sprint stage, the team in the playoffs in a what kind of ranking, to see this time. For James and his Cavs, the eastern part of the team can give them trouble, the record http://www.officialauthenticcowboysstore.com/Nike-Ezekiel-Elliott-Jersey.html is not a problem, whether to maintain the state is the key. The game, James scored 18 points and 13 rebounds and 15 assists, but compared with the January game, James was not so tired.

Feb 24th

So powerful data! the Rockets not willing to send Beverley away

By Rose

Rockets away to the Pelicans, the two teams of new aid Louis Williams and Cousins ​​both battle. Which Williams debut Navy Blue Trevor Linden Jersey in the 7-shot long shot, the audience to get 27 points, the first show full house. Pelican opening with 5 points, Beverly then use the footsteps http://www.officialcanucksprostore.com turned hook hit, Anderson made fouls made two free throws. Both you come to me, Moore two free throws, the pelican to 12-8 lead. But Capella first grabbed the offensive rebounds to complete the second attack, followed by Dengcheng completed empty, Harden steals layup, the Rockets to 16-14 lead. Then Williams replaced Anderson, just hit the hands of three consecutive hit, to help the Rockets will be the advantage of widening to 8 points, small Gordon not far behind, the same in the outside Biao long-range. Casspi scored five points, little Gordon layup, Cousins ​​at the last two free throws, the Rockets to 30-28 lead the end of the first section. Rockets bench full of power, especially the small Gordon and Williams this two guns turn open fire, really make the opponent http://www.officialraptorstore.com/Amir_Johnson_Jersey can not stand. Williams hit the third in mind after the third, the score has become 46-35. The home team to drive inside, fired a wave of 9-0 counterattack, Harden and Harrell will be completed empty catch bleeding. Harrell off the bench after the performance of active, in the inside turn over the sea, Anderson is continuous hit long-range, the Rockets gradually establish the advantages of Harden touch porcelain made two free throws, Kim Terry and dissatisfied with the referee to eat technology foul, penalty. Before the end of the three small Gordon once again hit porcelain successful, 3 free throws. Although Davis finally made a foul 2 penalty 1, but the Rockets still 66-50 with 16 points into the second half advantage. Cousins ​​is still on the pitch, Kim Terry seems to hope that he can run with his teammates as soon as possible; Williams is also left in the field, D'Antoni is similar to the idea. Before the deadline for the transfer, the Bulls offered a quote from the Rockets, Gibson and Caron just for Beverly. Morey smiled, would like to have refused to refuse the Bulls trading proposal. And with the pelican a war, Beverly audience to get 2 points and 12 rebounds and 5 assists plus 4 steals, the data is quite tough. This is willing to force Greivis Vasquez Official Cheap Jersey the end of the defensive end, without the need for the best 3D, the Rockets of course, do not want to easily away.

Feb 23rd

Social Media Beginners Tips

By MarcoWooden

Determine the goal is one of the important objectives of the company. And here social networks have an advantage over the print media, radio and TV. This is low cost per contact. In this case, a visitor can draw contact for a lesser amount than when using any other method. To build your own group, or create an event, you do not need to invest huge sums. Usually, all confined to time spent on the arrangement of information and communicating it to potential consumers of goods or services.


Keep up the Pace


It is not a secret that large number of people that uses internet is registered in social networks. Moreover, this mark is over 80 %. Imagine, over 80 % of internet users, are in social networks. Not only are registered, but spend there a lot of time. This fact gives business unbelievable opportunities for advertise and development.

According to some studies, most of social network users prefer to use business that is present in social networks. It has been a long time, since social networks were just places for communication. Today you can find there almost all the information. People used to search for required goods on social networks. This fact should stimulate you to get an account for your business and furthermore, monitor on most popular and developing social networks, to follow latest tendencies and not miss the opportunities.


Uniqueness is a Key

Business market does not feature monopolists. So, to stand out among all the numerous companies, you have to be unique. Bring something new, have an interesting logo, slogan, etc. Entice customers by posting regular and interesting information, make them choose you. Your mission is to make people go to you, despite of all the competitors and big brand, choose you. Identification of a brand is one of the largest components of success in business world. It doesn’t need to be mentioned that Coca Cola, Apple, McDonalds and others, are so popular because of their identity and it was set at the stage of company formation.


Social Networks are for Communication


It is wrong to think that the community can be conducted, as the site - as one-way communication. When your company simply transmits information about your activities and everything ends here. Yes, this format is possible, but you need to understand that social networks were set up for communication and interaction. Leave the site for one-way communication, and community in a social network - to communicate.


It is inevitable that people will try to communicate with you- ask questions, post comments, etc. And this is good. The main goal is to answer, really build relationships and do it quickly. Don`t make delays, try to answer as fast as possible. If the terms of response on behalf of your company reach a day, seriously think about your customer service. Hire more people, if existing employees don’t handle it.


Be Aware


And at the same time, it is necessary to analyze the experience of competitors. Both positive and negative. Start with business giants of the market. They are already at the top, everything happened earlier and you have a chance to notice the successful idea, make up your own and promote your business. And this, incidentally, applies not only to social networking. This rule applies to both the video and for the sites, as, indeed, and for television and advertising in general.

The technology is simple. Highlight of the strongest players in your market. Look at what they do, how they do it, what social networks they choose in the first place and where they have the largest activity. Take a note of it and join these social networks, and leave the rest for later.


Last, but not Least


The growth in sales and earnings - is the main task of any company. And social networks can affect sales. However it is foolish to expect that within a week after the launch of the community in Facebook, the crowd of clients will be frantically to buy your products.

Increase of sales through social networks can be made through long and painstaking work with a reputable brand and by winning customer loyalty. Loyal customers often make repeated purchases, as well as recommends brand to friends that ultimately lead to increased sales.



However, the fact to turn an ordinary member of your community into a loyal customer, takes time. And even if you're doing the right thing, not everyone that has come to the community, will be a loyal customer. Therefore, sometimes several hundred of participants - is not enough to increase sales.

Feb 23rd

The Pacers send away the headed star?

By Rose

George is the star of the Pacers, but before the trade deadline, he fell Black Loui Eriksson Jersey into the rumors, the Celtics are very want to get him. For whether the transaction George, the Pacers had a very determined attitude, that is, never send away their own team of facade players, said he is not for sale. But recently the United States broke the news that the Walker is assessing the value of Paul George's deal to decide whether to send him away. 26-year-old George is the fourth All-Star player, has 3 times selected the best team, 3 times into the best defensive team. In the eyes of many people, George is the second best player in the East, second only to James. According to Wo God's latest news, the Pacers' attitude has loosened, and they are measuring http://www.officialcanucksprostore.com/Womens_Youth_Alexander_Mogilny_Jersey the value of George in the trading market. Before the trade deadline, the Pacers plan to do both hands, one is to complete the transaction, the introduction of some powerful talent players, prompted George to stay in Indiana. The second is to listen to the offer of George, if satisfied with the program, then he sent away, around the Myers Turner team. On whether or not to deal http://www.officialraptorstore.com/Delon_Wright_Jersey with George in this regard, the Pacers are not anxious to make a decision, unless the Celtics for the pursuit of George to provide the best chips, but also do not rule out the Bulls suddenly willing to trade Butler to Boston. In short, the Celtics have the opportunity to get Butler or other favorite star before the Pacers do not need to make a hasty decision. According to George's contract, he has the right to jump out of the contract after the end of the season, becoming a completely free agent. The source has revealed that George has been considering this option: renew the Pacers, or join the home team Lakers. Pacers certainly want to maintain long-term relationship with George, but if the latter does not intend DeMar DeRozan White NBA Jersey to renew, the team may be the first to start him out, in exchange for the need to rebuild the chips. The Celtics are good deals, they have enough young players and first-round picks.

Feb 23rd

The Wizards actively reinforce the depth of the team's bench

By Rose

In the transaction deadline, the Wizards have been seeking http://www.officialblackhawkssite.com/Womens_Youth_Martin_Havlat_Jersey to strengthen the depth of lineup. In particular, at this stage, Cavaliers suffered injuries, the need for long truce, which makes the Wizards see the hope of winning the defending champion, they are more urgent to enhance the bench strength. According to previously reported, Wizards had interested Louis - Williams and Timberwolves player Muhammad, but failed to negotiate the deal. Wizards do the original intention of this transaction is very simple, that is, to strengthen the team's bench depth. Wizards already have a good starting configuration, respectively, Wall, Bill, Potter, Morris and Gortat, but on the bench, the team's most stable player is the second grader Ubra. Very often, the Wizards to the game rotation time, had to let some of the main players with a substitute to play. This season so far, the Wizards starting five tigers playing time all over 32 minutes. Local time on Wednesday, the Wizards finally got his wish, and the Nets reached Jiri Hudler Stars Jersey a deal. Wizards sent the former rocket players Marcus Thornton, Nicholson and 2017 first-round pick, in exchange for Bogdanovic and McCullough. The deal for the Wizards, can be described as double play. First of all, the Wizards get Bogdanovic, completed the goal of strengthening the bench lineup. Bogdanovic is a good offensive player, has a good shooting ability, this season in the Nets are able to contribute career high 14.2 points and 3.6 rebounds and 1.6 assists, shooting 44%, three-pointers Hit rate of 35.7%. In March 16, 2016 against 76 people in the game, Bogdanovic 27 vote 17, scored a career record of 44 points. In addition, Bogdanovic also had twice in the game hit http://www.officialstarsstore.com/Womens_Youth_Gump_Worsley_Jersey at least 7 in mind three points. Secondly, in this deal, the Wizards also successfully deal with the Nicholson contract. Wizards last summer to 4 years 26 million US dollars to sign Nicholson, but he was disappointing, Wizards sent away Nicholson, the release of the pay pressure, you can prepare for the renewal of Porter.

Feb 23rd

For sure, Beverly's value will not be as trading chips

By Rose

The Rockets are currently 40 wins and 18 losses record high in the west of the first 3, but the Houston people also know that the real http://www.authenticbluejacketsstore.com/nick-foligno-jersey_c-423.html warriors and the Spurs to form a strong challenge, they need further reinforcement. With the transaction deadline approaching, the Rockets is also frequent attack, and has had a major gain. In a previous deal with the Lakers, the Rockets sent Brewer and a first-round pick, in exchange for the Super Sixth Williams. But the Rockets are not satisfied, they hope that the trade deadline before the new gains. The source revealed Neal Broten Green Home Jersey that the Rockets had an interest in the Cavalier player Schumpeter, hoping to be able to trade him. 26-year-old Schumpeter is a very good 3D players in the league, three-point shooting reached a career high of 40.3%. Schumpeter not only has a Rockets is very important long shot ability, and he can also enhance the city off the defensive ability. But the problem is that the Cavs do not want to easily let go of Schumpeter, they made to want Beverly. Sources said the Cavs of this request was the Rockets refused. The Rockets are now no deal to take Beverly's plan, he is the team to play the most hard, defensive the most aggressive players, won the management, coaches, players and fans love. Beverly himself also expressed the desire to stay in Houston. In fact, it is not just the Cavs interested in Beverly, the other two eastern teams Bulls and Knicks are also interested in Beverly, hoping Dak Prescott Cowboys Jersey to trade him. But the Rockets know the value of Beverly, his defense, long shot and rebound ability, giving the team a considerable help. More importantly, Beverly does not need too much ball right, very suitable for playing around in Harden.

Feb 14th

Monosodium Glutamate - Its use in food and the regulatory guidelines

By admin



Monosodium Glutamate(MSG) is a food ingredient which is added to different packaged, frozen and canned foods. It is basically a salt of common amino acid Glutamic Acid. Glutamic acid is also present in our bodies and in many foods like tomato and cheese. It is popularly known as Ajinomoto TM.In 1908, Professor Kikunae Ikeda from Japan first extracted Glutamate from seaweed broth. He first started the commercial production of Monosodium Glutamate. MSG was first used in Chinese cuisine by a local cook in 1950. Since then, this food additive is being used in Chinese cuisine. It enhances the taste and flavor of food items and improves the shelf life of foods. This chemical is used in sausage, noodles, pasta.It gives a distinct meaty flavor to these food items.

  As per the doctors, this food chemical is dangerous for health. It is known as silent killer. It supports the abnormal growth of body cells. This may cause Cancer. Other Common side-effects of MSG are Headache, sweating, chest pain, nausea, weakness, heart palpitations, and drowsiness. Consuming food items containing excessive amount of MSG may lead to Obesity. Excess consumption of MSG also affects the eyesight and causes Parkinson’s disease.

  Food manufacturers use MSG to reduce their cost of production and earn more profits. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) made it mandatoryfor manufacturers to mention-MSG added for labeling of food items incase it’s not naturally present in the food item . As per the guidelines of FDA, this preservative cannot be listed as “spices and flavoring”.

 Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) has given guidelines for MSG in India. As per the Food Product Standards and Food Additives regulations, 2011, Monosodium Glutamate can only be used in specific foods. MSG cannot be deliberately added to food products. This is strictly prohibited. During food inspection, if the manufacturer is found guilty, may be penalized.

MSG content in food items can be detected by High-Performance Liquid Chromatographyand Potentiometric Titration Method.

It’s better to avoid MSG in your food item. Check labeling of packaged and frozen foods.

FSSAI, Food regulator in India, has clarified that there is no analytical method to check whether MSG was added during manufacturing or it was naturally present in the food. If food manufacturers use MSG in their products, they can’t use “No MSGs” or “No added MSGs” in their products.

FSSAI also clarified that “every advertisement for and/or a package of food containing added MSG shall carry the following declaration, namely, “This package of (name of the food contains added)……..MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR INFANTS BELOW-12 MONTHS”.


Our safety is in our hands. “MSG added” is generally found in packaged and frozen foods. It’s better to check labeling information for making a choice for the product. Avoid street foods and stay safe and healthy.

Feb 7th

Surrender, just due to Leonard's absence?

By Rose

Spurs away game Grizzlies, Leonard due to quadriceps injury was missed http://www.authenticcanadiensstore.com/authentic-93-stanley-cup-jersey.html debut, Popovich Simmons replaced by teenager trump position. The two teams are known for the defense, after playing very tangled, Parsons hit third, the Adelaide line turned jumper, 10-9, followed by Randolph close throwing hit the first section of the hit 9 Minutes, the two sides were their own score in double figures, can be seen on the sub-speed is indeed slow. Randolph storm again, David Lee layup, Green and Manu Ginobili each hit, leading the Grizzlies to the end of the first section of 17-14. Spurs sub-section under the leadership of Manu Ginobili, began to set off a counterattack, flank shot hit, 26-21, which means the Holy City shot a wave of 12-4. Grizzlies are not fuel-efficient lights, small Gasol jumper, Conley flank again in the third, 26 level. When the Grizzlies main debut, the Spurs and plunged into the passive, Conley and Wright completed the air connection, 35-29. Spurs to be outdone, Adelaide two free throws, Green Biao in the third, half before the end of David Lee hit the bottom line, the two sides to score 40-40 into the second half. Ex situ battles are repeated entanglement, but the first breakthrough Connor McDavid NHL Orange Jersey or the Grizzlies, small Gasol made two free throws in the whole, Carter Biao in the top arc, 48-56. David - Lee bottom line jumper, Allen steals Adelaide fast break counterattack. Green catching shot in the long-range bleeding, but the Grizzlies are still firmly in control of the game trend. Three final moments, Ginobili continuous Biao in the long-range, to help the Spurs to narrow the score, Adelaide arc hit, 65-66. With Douglas's third, the Grizzlies will score in the box at 69-65, still holding 4 points advantage. Decisive distal, as the main Adelaide was the old Carter blocked shots, which greatly affected the morale of the team, followed by Adelaide is storming the basket, until the small Gasol capping. Randolph took advantage of the pick basket succeeded, 78-70. Spurs hit the mess http://www.officialraptorstore.com, Ennis break layup, Conley labeled 2 +1, the two sides have a difference of 13 points. Parker made two free throws, Conley also to color, Ennis fast break dunks, 87-72. Popovich is also simply, directly to the starting lineup full replacement fate, surrender gun.

Feb 7th

Do Not Select First Insurance Settlement Offer

By Saam

When the insurance claim agent gives you an initial offer, it might be so much less that it is only a way to realize if you are aware of what you are doing. Or, it might be a sound offer but too small as well. If the proposal is sound, you can instantly make an offering that is a bit smaller than your sum of demand letter. This reveals the claim agent and you, too, are being realistic and are ready to arrive at a compromise. A bit more negotiation should quickly reach you to a concluding sum of settlement you both consider is reasonable.


Get the Claim Agent to Validate a Low Proposal

If a claim agent brings a first proposal so less that it is clearly just a bargaining technique to check if you understand how much your claim has really value, do not instantly decrease the amount you allocate in your demand letter. In its place, ask the claim agent to show you particular reasons why the proposal is so small, and note down what explanation he or she gives you. Then compose a thorough letter enlisting each of the aspects the claim agent has discussed with you.


According to the strong points of any of the claim agent's objectives, you can decrease your demand a little, but, earlier than decreasing the amount very much, take some time to check if the claim agent will move after getting your letter.


At next level you communicate with the claim agent, start by requiring for an answer to your recent letter. The claim agent should currently make you a sound proposal on which you can negotiate the terms and come at a average settlement amount.


Consider Emotional Points

In these discussions intended to create an agreement, don't worry to consider about all the aspects for a second time. Just consider the most important points in your privilege - for instance, that the insured person was entirely responsible, that you got a very horrible injury, that your health care costs were so big, and/or that you got long time or everlasting physical disability.


On the other hand, it may helpful to consider any emotional points beneficial for your claim. Whenever, for instance, you have attached a mainly strong image of a destroyed car or a horrible-looking injury in your demand letter to the claim agent, make reference to it. If your injury got involved with your capacity to look after for your kid, show that your kid hurt as well as a result. Despite the fact that there is not any method to decide a dollar value on emotional points, they can have great effect in convincing an insurance firm to clear up a claim.


Put the Decision in Writing


Whenever you and the claim agent at last come to an agreement, instantly put the agreement in writing with claim agent signatures. This writing can be to the point, stating the money for which you decided, what injuries the compensation handles, and the time by which you will start to get settlement confirmations from the insurance firm.