LED lights with a luxury brand to achieve the identity of the car elements

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From halogen headlamps, to xenon headlamps, and now to the increasingly popular LED headlamps. Lighting technology research and development and application, but also a symbol of the continuous ups and downs of automotive technology. Perhaps in 5 years, 10 years later, laser headlamps will become the standard production car. With the iteration of lighting technology, the interior design of headlamps is becoming more and more important. Today, LED lights have become an indispensable element of luxury brand identity (do not confuse with the daytime running lights).Jeep LED light bars This is because the early halogen headlamps are an incandescent lamp that relies on the light generated by the chemical reaction of the tungsten wire with the halogen gas. This principle determines the structure of the interior of the lamp bowl is basically fixed, in addition to the installation of a lens, there is no plasticity and decorative. Later, the popularity of the xenon lamp (HID), it is a cold light source, compared to the halogen lamp xenon lamp smaller, lower energy consumption, irradiation distance farther. As the xenon lamp is used electronically activated gas luminescence, so do not need tungsten wire this supplies, longer life.Ford F150 Headlights Aftermarket Replacement Head The headlamp assembly of the xenon lamp has a part called the ballast, which can lift the car's 12V voltage to 23,000 V at the moment the power is turned on. Activate the inert gas such as xenon, iodide and so on in the lamp with super voltage , Generate light source. This principle of light and halogen is essentially the same, so the same light source scattering situation. For this, xenon headlamps are generally equipped with lenses to concentrate light. However, starting from the xenon headlamps, the volume of the light source is much smaller. So in the design, the designer to play the space is even greater. The most important, some of the functions of the headlamps are also more abundant. Such as remote light automatic adjustment, follow the steering, high and low adjustment, so that the user experience to improve the headlamps. Light Bulb Categories

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