Installation of automotive special LED daytime lamp method

Fri, Mar 24 2017 06:44am GMT 1
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1. Prepare a flattened screwdriver, a wrench. 2. With a flat-blade screwdriver gently into the original car fog lamp cover of the gap, the original car fog lamp cover to remove the original car fog lamp cover. 3. The car dedicated day line lamp controller, power cord through the original car fog lamp cover the location of the macro and put away. 4. The daylight lights into the original car fog shade position of the bayonet. 5. Open the car front cover, the controller installed in the low temperature can be, after the controller has four lines, the red line then ACC, black line connected to the battery negative, yellow line positive, white line light, white line The role is to open the headlamps when the daytime running lights will go out, if the white line, daytime running lights will be lit in the car when the start, see personal hobbies that is the white line. LED light bars 6. Start the car, the day line lights themselves, the installation is successful....

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