How to clean the wooden floor maintenance?

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Encountered in the ink, fruit juice and other liquid when the wipe method?

Wood flooring surface sprinkled with ink, fruit juice and other liquids, you can directly take a half dry wipe to wipe, do not need other cleaning agents, which will destroy the wood floor surface protection material. So we do not easily use those who seem to function more powerful cleaning agent.

Does the wood floor need to be waxed?

Wood floor maintenance is not simply rely on the daily cleaning, waxing is also an important part of the maintenance of wood flooring. Wood flooring and parquet is necessary to wax for maintenance, so that both can increase the light, but also extend the useful life of the point. Nine is home furnishing Tips: in the daily maintenance of wood flooring is no need to waxing. Waxing but easy to make the surface of the wood floor flowers, so that the brightness of the surface degradation, damage to the surface of the protection of the surface material.

In the maintenance of wood flooring need to pay attention to what the problem?

Wood floor maintenance is actually much simpler than other flooring, it does not require a particularly complex approach. But some problems can not be ignored, or not only a waste of energy, but the floor becomes worse. Wood floor absolutely can not use water to rinse, that we usually can not be used in the maintenance process wet mop. But also to avoid the wood floor surface with sandpaper polished, or waxing, painting.
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