applied topically decking

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applied topically decking

use glue place such as metope grassroots emulsioni paint putty glue, paste board with white latex, the wallpaper glue paste wallpaper.100 - square - meter use glue in more than 100 kg, the bedroom of the national standard of glue content of 1 g/kg, so the bedroom decorate after basic 100 g formaldehyde, according to the three years preceding the standard conversion may exceed bid more than 3 times, almost covered the whole room make bridal chamber gas Chambers.

The glue is decorated in possession of pollution sources pollution is the largest proportion.Recommend the use of non-toxic vegetable gum or zero formaldehyde glue, or avoid large area USES chemical glue, can put an end to decorate pollution by more than 60%.Three: formaldehyde pollution source paint because it contains a lot of heavy benzene, so people to paint the strongest perception;Family is decorated in the paint is applied topically, plus the volatilization of paint is quite fast,

three days can volatilize harmful substances by more than 70%.So its not the biggest pollution source.It is recommended to use water-based paint replacement (add water dilute, oily paint with water or banana oil dilution) that day can be avoided.Four: formaldehyde pollution source emulsioni paint because emulsioni paint is the use of the area is very wide,

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