Energy saving effect of pump type halogen process

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With the comprehensive use of the high pressure centrifugal pump motor as power, high pressure and large flow in power plant boiler, make full use of cogeneration efficiency, after careful investigation, and fully consult the design institute and pump, our company for the first time the power plant excess electric energy directly as brine power and brine transportation pipeline and valve group allocated to each production well group of brine mining technology through 7 kilometers high. After one year's operation, the energy saving effect is obvious.Точность научных Siemens вакуумный насос для пищевой промышленности Our company has four sets of vacuum salt system, with an annual capacity of 1 million 500 thousand tons. In 1992 the first set of vacuum salt production capacity of 95 thousand tons / year plant put into operation, the special unit in 1999 second sets of salt production capacity of 50 thousand tons of production, in 2003 third sets an annual output of 180 thousand tons of salt, 28 thousand tons of sodium sulfate mother liquor recovery of salt and sodium sulfate plant put into operation in 2007 fourth sets, with an annual output of 600 thousand tons (National Development and Reform Commission approved scale) salt generation expansion project put into operation. 1700 C High Temperature Laboratory Vacuum Tube Furnace for CVD diamond In 2008, the actual production capacity of 1 million tons. After more than 10 years of production practice and technological transformation, the production of the company has been greatly developed, and has maintained an average growth rate of 30% for 10 consecutive years. At present, the salt production capacity has reached 1 million 500 thousand tons / year, heating capacity of thermoelectric devices reached 1 million 800 thousand tons / year, the power supply capacity of 200 million kwh / year, with a warehouse full automatic packing line and stacking robot system and annual throughput of 3 million 500 thousand tons of transportation terminals, and built at the provincial level, 100 thousand tons of iodized salt small package of a distribution center, and another 300 thousand tons of small iodized salt packaging and distribution center is put into use, the enterprise has entered the ranks of the national large-scale salt making enterprises.Vacuum gas quenching furnace for SM45 SM48 SM50 SM53 SM55 Die steel

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