Rare earth separation ion exchange method

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Because the step-by-step method can not produce a single rare earth, so the research of rare earth elements has also been hindered after the Second World War, the US atomic bomb development program that the so-called Manhattan plans to promote the development of rare earth separation technology, Thorium and other radioactive elements of similar nature, as soon as possible to promote the study of atomic energy, rare earth as its substitutes to be used. In order to analyze the rare earth elements contained in the nuclear fission products and to remove rare earth elements from uranium and thorium, ion exchange chromatography (ion exchange method) was successfully studied and used for the separation of rare earth elements.Hot Sell high temperature vacuum chamber muffle furnace The principle of the ion exchange chromatography is that the cation exchange resin is first filled in the column and the mixed rare earth to be separated is adsorbed at the end of the column inlet and then the eluent flows from top to bottom through the column. The rare earth that forms the complex is separated from the ion exchange resin and flows down with the eluent. In the process of flowing rare earth complex decomposition, and then adsorbed on the resin. In this way, the rare earth ions are adsorbed and separated from the resin, and as the eluent flows toward the outlet end of the column. Since the stability of the complex formed by the rare earth ion and the complexing agent is different, the rare earth ions are moved at a different speed, and the rare earth having a large affinity flows down quickly, and the result is first reached the outlet end.�ӧѧܧ��ާߧ�� ��ѧۧܧ�, ���֧ܧѧߧڧ�, ��ݧѧӧܧ�, ��֧�� ���اڧԧ� The advantage of the ion exchange method is that one operation can separate multiple elements. But also to get high-purity products. The disadvantage of this method is that it can not be continuously processed, the time spent in the operation cycle is long, and the cost of regeneration and exchange of the resin is high. Therefore, this is the main method of separating large amounts of rare earth from the mainstream separation method , And is replaced by a solvent extraction method. However, due to the ion exchange chromatography method has the advantages of obtaining high purity single rare earth products, at present, for the preparation of ultra-high purity single rare earth products and some heavy rare earth elements separation, need to use ion exchange chromatography separation preparation. CE �ӧ���ܧ�� �ӧѧܧ��ާߧ�� ��֧�� 10 PA �ܧѧާ֧�� ��֧ߧ�

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