Separation of rare earth elements

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At present, in addition to Pm other than the 16 rare earth elements can be purified to 6N (99.9999%) purity. In the mixed rare earth compounds obtained by the decomposition of rare earth concentrates, the separation and extraction of single pure rare earth elements is complicated and difficult in chemical process. There are two main reasons, one is the physical properties and chemical properties of lanthanides are very similar, most of the rare earth ion radius between the two adjacent elements, very similar, in the aqueous solution are stable trivalent state. Rare earth ions and water affinity, due to the protection of hydrates, the chemical properties are very similar to the separation and purification is extremely difficult. (Such as uranium, thorium, niobium, tantalum, titanium, zirconium, iron, calcium, silicon, fluorine, phosphorus, etc.) in the mixed rare earth compounds obtained after the decomposition of rare earth concentrates. Therefore, in the separation of rare earth elements of the process, not only to consider the dozen chemical properties of extremely similar between the rare earth elements separation, but also must consider the rare earth elements associated with the separation of impurities between the elements.Los precios adecuados horno de recocido de vacĂ­o flexible personalizado (1) fractional method (graded crystallization method, graded precipitation method and redox method); (2) ion exchange method; (3) solvent extraction method. (2) ion exchange method; (3) solvent extraction method. read more:Hot selling latest continuous vacuum heat treatment furnace

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