Vacuum breakdown

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Gas discharge breakdown and vacuum breakdown. There are some differences in the electrical breakdown mechanism between the two. When the vacuum is low, the charged particles collide with air molecules, ionization and multiplication of air molecules caused by inter-pole discharge, known as the gas discharge breakdown. The gas discharge breakdown depends on the interaction between the charged particles and the residual gas between the electrodes. In the case of high vacuum, the average free path of air molecules is very large, the residual air molecules between the two poles by the impact of ionization probability is almost zero, it is impossible to occur gas discharge breakdown. When the pressure is further reduced, the average free path of air molecules is often greater than a few tens of meters (10-3Pa, the air molecules of the average free process is 50m), due to the electrode surface and the electrode between the electric field, easily lead to ion exchange between the two , Resulting in a large number of metal vapor, gas or plasma, so that between the two poles, resulting in a strong current caused by electrical breakdown, known as the vacuum breakdown.Certificado CE 10-3Pa Horno de Tratamiento de Calefacción por Vacío Vacuum breakdown generally refers to the high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum system of electrical breakdown, the typical vacuum pressure range of 10-3 ~ 10-8Pa. The above theory divides the vacuum breakdown into two forms, and the electrical breakdown in the coarse vacuum and the low vacuum system (> 0.1 Pa) belongs to the gas discharge breakdown. Vacuum induction furnaces are generally low vacuum systems, such as a vacuum induction furnace in Japan melting working pressure of 10milli-Torr (10 milli torr = 1.33Pa)Horno de vacío 7x10-3Pa , Germany made a vacuum furnace melting working pressure of 5Pa. According to the theory of vacuum electric breakdown, the electric breakdown in the vacuum induction furnace is a breakdown of the gas discharge, which does not belong to the range of vacuum breakdown.500kg vacuum Induction melting furnace entec industrial furnace

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