China heat treatment equipment technology decided to update

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China's heat treatment equipment is now serving the heating equipment are mostly old equipment. To the air as a heating medium box, well, trolley heating furnace and part of the salt bath furnace, constitute the current machinery manufacturing and metallurgical industries such as the main processing equipment. Nearly 20 years of domestic development and the introduction of the advanced level of small, no oxidation furnace, such as vacuum furnace, protective atmosphere furnace, controlled atmosphere furnace, ion nitriding furnace accounted for less than 20%. Nevertheless, these advanced heating equipment due to management and the quality of the operator is not high, and the full play of the device should play a role.Electric 9L small vertical type vacuum induction heating sintering furnace Reasonable choice of energy is the primary problem to be considered for energy saving of heat treatment equipment. Heat treatment of energy can be divided into two major categories of electricity and fuel. Electricity or fuel, and what kind of fuel depends on the cost of production, energy supply conditions, ease of operation and control, reliability, heat treatment process characteristics and the impact of the ecological environment and other comprehensive factors. Electric heating clean, easy to control the temperature, less auxiliary facilities, easy operation is its advantages. With the resistance furnace heating in theory can be obtained 70% -80% of the heat utilization, but electricity is secondary energy, taking into account the efficiency of power generation, resistance furnace integrated heat utilization rate of not more than 30%. Electricity prices are high, and production costs are high. As the development of science and technology, the proportion of hydropower and nuclear power increases, the international electricity prices have a relatively lower trend.Buen precio equipo de laboratorio calefacción horno de vacío tubo Therefore, the heat treatment furnace technology is imperative. To promote new technology, the development of new technology materials, training staff to improve the quality of the industry staff. Heat treatment equipment, process equipment, the work is also very heavy, in the promotion of the use of new vacuum heating equipment and the protection of the atmosphere, controllable atmosphere heating equipment at the same time, the traditional active old heating equipment for technological transformation is equally important. Select the practical and practical value of the technological transformation programs and technological transformation measures to be promoted, for enterprises and countries to create considerable wealth.Vacuum Furnaces

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