Vacuum furnace cooling tower

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1. The overall structure of a solid light, the body and water tray with enhanced glass fiber (FRP FRP) manufacturing, corrosion resistance. Surface finish plus firewood outside the inhibitor, can resist the sun invasion damage. 2. All steel materials are all hot-dip galvanized, corrosion-resistant, durable.Horno de cerámica de porcelana de vacío de laboratorio 3. Special design axial fan with belt reducer, low noise, air volume, the installation of special water droplets blanket blanket, to eliminate water sound. 4. Using a special design PVC retaining curtain (water stop), to prevent the splash effect is significant, the pressure drop loss is slight, splash loss below 0.001%. 5. Special design of the water dispenser, caliber will not block, but the effect of special water, installed in the tower inside the dust from the external dust pollution. 6. The use of honeycomb vacuum forming heat dissipation material, staggered arrangement of the surface groove, heat exchange effect is particularly good.Top Quality Vacuum Atmosphere Rotary Tubular Electric Furnace SK2R 7. Water tray mining tilt design, easy to clean, less water, running a lower weight, but the tank is large, regardless of inhalation of air. 8. Cooling tower bracket light and solid, with or without shock-resistant iron frame are easy to set up.2017 Box Type Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace for Sale

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