304 stainless steel round bar prices

Mon, Jun 26 2017 10:26am BST 1
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Dainan stainless steel products accounted for one-sixth of the country, Jiangsu Province, stainless steel products export base. Xinghua City Dainan town is renowned throughout the country, "China's stainless steel town." Dainan stainless steel industry has been selected "National PARKnSHOP industrial clusters" and "Jiangsu Province focus on cultivating industrial clusters."best service color stainless steel sheet 304 stainless steel round bar is a common material in stainless steel, the density of 7.93 g / cm3, the industry is also called 18/8 stainless steel.430 cold rolled 0.6mm thickness stainless steel coil High temperature of 800 degrees, with good processing performance, high toughness characteristics, widely used in industrial and furniture decoration industry and food and medical industry. Common markings on the market are 06Cr19Ni10, SUS304, of which 06Cr19Ni10 generally represent the national standard production, generally said ASTM standard production, SUS 304 that standard production standard.����ݧڧ��ӧѧߧߧ�� �ܧ��ԧݧ�� ���ѧݧ�ߧ�� ���֧�ا֧ߧ� �ߧ֧ҧ�ݧ���ԧ� ��ѧ٧ާ֧�� 304 is now about 20,000 yuan a ton, 304 stainless steel round bar prices are based on market conditions!Mirror surface finish grade 201 stainless steel coil

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