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TURNING POINT Lowrie s eighth inning RBI single to give Oakland the lead. SECOND GUESS Removing Tanaka at 111 pitches. His health is paramount, but the A s couldn t touch him. STAT TO KNOW Tanaka is the first Yankee pitcher with 13 K, 0 BB and 5 or fewer hits in a game since Mike Mussina in 2001. UP NEXT Game two of the three game series. Jharel Cotton 3 4, 5.68 ERA will oppose CC Sabathia 4 2, 4.62 ERA . First pitch is scheduled for 1 05 p.m. on Saturday at Yankee Stadium. Joe Giglio may be reached at jgiglio Follow him on Twitter JoeGiglioSports. Find on Facebook. VIEW COMMENTS NEW YORK YANKEES Why Yankees Aaron Judge turned down playing for hometown A s Comment Updated on May 27, 2017 at 5 51 AMPosted on May 27, 2017 at 5 37 AM A s general manager Billy Beane, left, and Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge. File photos A s general manager Billy Beane, left, and Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge. File photos 3 shares BY BRENDAN KUTY bkuty NJ Advance Media for NEW YORK If you step on it, it s only an hour and a half drive from Aaron Judge s hometown of Linden, Calif., to Oakland. That short trip was a factor among a few that could have deprived the Yankees from their new face. When the A s selected Judge in the 31st round of the 2010 draft, he gave serious consideration to signing with them, he said before Friday s game against Oakland at Yankee Stadium. There was a thought that maybe I could do this out of high school, Judge said. Fortunately for the Yankees, Judge passed on the opportunity. And after three years of starring at Fresno State, New York nabbed him with the 32nd overall pick and a 1.8 million signing bonus in the 2013 draft. This Yankees lineup with Torres looks scary This Yankees lineup with Torres looks scary It may not be long until the New York Yankees welcome Gleyber Torres to Yankee Stadium. Here s what the lineup might look like. Hint It s not great news for Chase Headley All he s done since then is become the 6 foot 7, 270 pound symbol of the youth movement that s changed the complexion of the Yankees. So far this season, the right fielder is far and away the favorite for the American League Rookie of the Year and he s in the MVP conversation. He s smashed an MLB leading 15 homers with 30 RBI, a .315 batting average, a cannon right arm and disarming, easygoing personality that was on display on the Tonight Show. But if not for a few priorities, Judge could have been doing it all while wearing green and yellow. No. 1, Judge said, was that as an 18 year old, he didn t feel wasn t prepared. I kind of knew right away that I wasn t ready physically and mentally to go out in the real world and play professional baseball, he said. No.2? His parents, Patty and Wayne, and his brother, John, are teachers. He liked the idea of college. They did, too. They said, This is your decision. You re 18. We don t want to influence your decision at all. But if you want to ask for our opinion, we re here for it, Judge said. So, obviously, at 18, I said, What do you guys think? I m kind of leaning on you guys a lot and my agent. So, what do you think? They leaned toward college. You could go there for a couple of years. See how that is. You could get drafted again, Judge said his parents told him. But you might as well get started on your education, something to lean back on. They were a big influence on that. And No. 3? Staying close enough to home was big for Judge at the time. The drive between Fresno State s campus in Fresno, Calif., is just a little more than two hours from Linden. I wanted to stay on the West Coast, he said, be close to home, be close to family. Brendan Kuty may be reached at bkuty Follow him on Twitter BrendanKutyNJ. Find Yankees on Facebook. VIEW COMMENTS NEW YORK YANKEES Yankees injury updates Latest on Greg Bird, Aroldis Chapman, Jacoby Ellbsury Comment Updated on May 27, 2017 at 4 58 AMPosted on May 27, 2017 at 4 22 AM New York Yankees center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury 22 talks to first baseman Greg Bird 33 during batting practice before a game against the Chicago White Sox at Yankee Stadium. New York Yankees center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury 22 talks to first baseman Greg Bird 33 during batting practice before a game against the Chicago White Sox at Yankee Stadium. 50 shares BY JOE GIGLIO jgiglio NJ Advance Media for The cavalry could be on its way back for the first place Yankees. Prior to Friday s series opener against the Oakland Athletics, Yankees manager Joe Girardi addressed the latest on Aroldis Chapman shoulder , Jacoby Ellsbury concussion and Greg Bird ankle . On Ellsbury, the most recent member of the team to head to the disabled list He s following the concussion protocol, Girardi said. In today. It won t be much for a few days. We ll let the doctors determine what he can do. Concussions are too hard to predict, they really are. On Chapman, the 86M closer on the shelf with a shoulder injury He s seeing the doctor today. If all goes well, he ll play catch tomorrow, Girardi said. Yankees awards Yankees awards The New York Yankees are a bit past the quarter mark of the 2017 MLB season. Here are our early awards, which include hardware given to Aaron Judge, Masahiro Tanaka and more On Bird, the projected starting first baseman and breakout candidate after a tremendous spring training He s supposed to leave Sunday for Tampa, Girardi said, along with quipping about the slugger flying around the bases when asked about his running program early on Friday at Yankee Stadium. Joe Giglio may be reached at jgiglio Follow him on Twitter JoeGiglioSports. Find on Facebook 59 shares BY BRENDAN KUTY bkuty NJ Advance Media for Looks like Clint Frazier has made a bit of a change. When the Yankees traded for Frazier, their current top outfield prospect, last season, he talked about making a few adjustments to his swing with Triple A Scranton/Wilkes Barre s hitting coach. He also struggled. In 25 games, Frazier hit just .228 with three home runs and a .674 OPS. Things got better, though. In spring training, Frazier more than held his own, hitting .273 with a homer and eight RBI in 22 games. And, entering Thursday, Frazier was hitting at a .253 clip with eight bombs and 28 RBI in 41 games. And how soon could Torres end up in the Bronx? At the plate, I think he s more selective. He was chasing a lot of stuff down and away, a lot of breaking balls outside of the strike zone in 2016 . This year, his foundation is much stronger. You can see that he s started feeling comfortable and he s driving the ball to all the fields. This kid has got some pop. The ball jumps off his bat, manager Al Pedrique said May 3. Could the improvement be a result of something he s doing differently at the plate? Maybe. Maybe not. But something definitely looks different. In fact, it looks like Frazier has gotten into a bit of a lower crouch at the plate maybe what Pedrique was talking about when he said his foundation has improved. Take a look at a homer from 2016 And now a homer from 2017 Notice that Frazier was standing a bit straighter in 2016. Of course, that s just one clip, but go back and look at others and you ll see the same thing. Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner recently credited his power surge on getting into his legs more, which assistant hitting coach Marcus Thames explained as basically the same idea as a basketball player getting low on defense. It appears Fraizer may be doing the same thing. Brendan Kuty may be reached at bkuty Follow him on Twitter BrendanKutyNJ. Find Yankees on Facebook. Yankees Judge s Chambers the latest fun fan outreach program Lucas Comment Updated on May 26, 2017 at 3 10 AMPosted on May 26, 2017 at 2 56 AM Fans sit in The Judge s Chambers for New York Yankees rookie Aaron Judge at Yankee Stadium on Monday. Fans sit in The Judge s Chambers for New York Yankees rookie Aaron Judge at Yankee Stadium on Monday. 45 shares BY ED LUCAS For The Jersey Journal This past Sunday, the Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus played their last performance after a remarkable 146 year run as The Greatest Show on Earth. One of its founders, the legendary showman P.T. Barnum Johnny Barbato Jersey, knew a thing or two about drawing crowds and entertaining fans. Barnum who once founded a minor league baseball team in his hometown of Bridgeport, Connecticut died about a decade before the Yankees were established, yet he would likely be proud of what the Bombers recently did to add a little levity to the Bronx. At the start of their homestand this past week, the Yankees introduced a special section in right field called The Judge s Chambers in honor of their slugger on the rise, Aaron Judge. Framed by faux wood panels, fans seated in the 18 seats in this area are given judicial robes and foam gavels to add to the merriment as they cheer on the eponymous star. Reaction to this attempt to bring some extra fun to an often stoic stadium has been mixed and heated. Some fans welcomed it, while many others have criticized the move on talk radio and in the papers as un Yankee like. They feel that it s bush league and takes away from what s perceived as a Yankees tradition of nobility, class and pride, all to promote a player who hasn t even finished a full season in the majors. But I say hogwash! The fact that fans have been lining up during batting practice to have pictures taken in this new section means that the Yankees whose attendance has been languishing despite a first place record have created something to entice folks back to the Stadium. Social media, the best way to generate buzz these days, is filled with photos of The Judge s Chambers. If the ticket buyers enjoy it, and it prompts others to head to the box office, who are we to argue with that business strategy? Judge himself says he gets a kick out of it. The extra attention doesn t seem to have fazed him one bit. The notion that the mighty Yankees have always been above promotions like this, or that George Steinbrenner would have disapproved, is silly. In the 1970s and 80s alone, the Boss looked on as Dracula capes were distributed for Sparky Lyle s The Count entrances, Reggie Jackson brand candy bars with bright orange wrappers were handed out to fans and a goofy mascot named Dandy, a pinstriped version of the Philly Phanatic, roamed the stands at the hallowed House that Ruth Built. Fans loved Ralph, one of the team s original broadcasters, not so much for his play by play, but for his postgame wrap up show, Kiner s Korner. From the Brooklyn Dodgers Dem Bum s Section to the Mets K Korner for Dwight Gooden, baseball teams have always carved out spots for fans to cheer on their favorites. One of the first was Greenberg s Gardens at the old Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, named for Hank Greenberg. When Ralph Kiner replaced Greenberg on the Pirates in the 50s, it became Kiner s Korner. Corporations have sponsored these sections in recent years, with McDonald s Big Mac Land for Marc McGwire in St. Louis and Warner Brothers Mannywood for Manny Ramirez in L.A. being two of the more notable ones. The closest thing Major League Baseball has ever had to P.T. Barnum in ownership was Bill Veeck, who added spectacle to his ballparks to draw fans when his teams were less than stellar. In 1960, he installed an exploding pyrotechnic scoreboard at Comiskey Park for the rare occasions when one of his White Sox hit a home run. Yankees manager Casey Stengel was so amused by it that he came up with his own counter. When a Yankee homered at Comiskey, Casey would stand on the top step of the visitor s dugout waving sparklers. Barnum himself dreamed up one of the most outlandish methods of boosting ticket sales. When admissions to his Circus Museum on Broadway were flagging in the late 1800s, he put up big signs that said Come inside to see our amazing Egress! Curious patrons paid full price to view this mysterious new attraction. They dutifully followed a trail of signs saying This way to the Egress! They all led to a door that said, Here it is, our fantastic Egress, come on through, never realizing that egress was actually the Latin word for exit. Unlike Barnum, the Yankees are trying to get patrons heading to the entrances, not the exits. If the Judge s Chambers section helps to achieve that goal, then I hope it stays in session for a long time to come.

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