LED in automotive electronics applications

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The automotive environment poses a huge challenge for LEDs, which must be able to provide stable light output. Even if the electrical conditions and thermal conditions around the headlights are constantly changing, the flux and color of the light must be kept constant. Since the LED light output is proportional to the current applied to the LEDs, the LEDs are used in a diffusion process, so even if the same batch of products, the light output may be different under the same drive current. In order to avoid such adverse differences, often according to certain parameters to select the LED. By screening, you can ensure that the same batch of LED in the light output and color points more consistent.jeep LED light bars The LED must also ensure that the light output meets the minimum required luminous flux requirements for specific applications in the -40 ° C to + 125 ° C ambient temperature range. The headlight's luminous flux needs to reach about 1,000 lumens and can provide the required minimum light output over the operating temperature range. In order to achieve this luminous flux requirements, may be several LEDs in series or in parallel. Will be a number of high-brightness LED lights together at the same time on the heat management made a very high demand, because with the LED temperature increases, LED light output will be significantly reduced, the color point will be offset.LED Landscape Lighting Best LED Landscape Lights Therefore, the heat emitted by the LED during the generation of light of this order must be transmitted through the radiator. In some extreme cases, it may be necessary to reduce the LED drive current to avoid overheating and damage to the LED. The reliability of the LED industry in the automotive industry also puts forward stringent requirements. The LED solution must meet the stringent requirements of the AEC-Q100 standard. This means that the LED and driver electronics must pass the standard certification.LED Source Your LED Lighting Experts

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